raw milk help! allergy!

Sep 1, 2012
Hey everyone,

I am new to this forum and have begun the Ray Peat dietary lifestyle. I have certainly seen improvement in my health, however, my major concern is my gut health in relation to a variety of food intolerances that I have. As confirmed by a blood test, I have intolerances to cow dairy, gelatin, and potatoes. I desperately want to overcome these allergies. Today I attempted to try raw cow's milk after avoiding cow dariy for over 6 months. It did not go well. I had immediate tightening of the chest and swelling of the throat. It was certainly scary. After some research, I have found that Ray Peat says that gut permeability can be healed in a matter of two weeks and introducing cow dairy should begin with using cheeses. I used Mascarpone cheese and didn't have much of a problem, however, still noticed the chest tightening in a more mild manner. I also tried Haagan Dazs ice cream and did not anything too severe, but still a mild symptom. I have a gallon of $9 raw milk sitting in my fridge, and of course, I will get rid of it if it is detrimental to my health, however, what can I do to be able to tolerate it?



The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
OrangeJuiceManiac, welcome to the board. :welcome

I am sorry to hear about your milk problems. :imsorry I have milk problems as well and can only handle the home made cheese I just recently started making. It was suggested to me that it was the whey that was causing my problems, and sure enough, I made this cheese, squeezed out all the whey, and now I can handle dairy. Here is the link below to where I gave the instructions on how to make the cheese.


Hopefully some other people will chime in also, I know getting calcium via dairy was going to be a huge part of my healing. And when I couldnt handle milk and ice cream, I thought my healing was going to take a huge beating. But now since eating the cheese, I am very convinced things will move right along now.


Nov 25, 2012
I also have to consume my milk as cheese. I buy natural rennet from Steve the Cheesemaker in Wisconsin. He has a great price and he sells dry rennet from calf stomach with no benzoates or other additives (only NaCl).
When I'm too busy, I buy Jarlsberg at Whole Foods Market (from Norway, made with traditional rennet: $7/pound)
I have been eating the Jarlsberg almost every day for many months and find it easy on the stomach, no side effects, mild taste... suitable as regular food and not just as a table decoration.

Have you tried bag breathing or buteyko method to calm your body and stop allergic attacks generally? It's very effective. Charlie even invented a special 3 bag mask! Those practices increased my tolerance and allergy threshold greatly.


Jan 1, 2013
You might try A2 milk.
But tell me, do you have any amalgam fillings in your mouth ?
Mercury leeches from them and is known to cause multiple intolerances to various food items.
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