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Raw Dairy

  1. What do you guys think about raw milk? I know it is thought to be dangerous by most. I have access to it in my local co-op grocery store. They supply it twice a week from a local farm and it is 100% grass fed. it is delicious, like a dream :p:. I have noticed my cheekbones are more pronounced and redness in my skin has cleared. I think the unheated fats make my skin/body happy. I also have found myself having more vivid dreams, maybe higher choline/melatonin, but my stress hormones are definitely down. anyways any input or experiences are welcome.
  2. It's anti-inflammatory in a way that cooked dairy isn't. Raw is generally better than cooked when it comes to everything except for starches. I wish I had easy access to raw skimmed milk.
  3. maybe because I am a female, but I think the saturated fats really help my skin and increases feelings of relaxtion and calm focus.