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Rats Play Hide-and-seek For The Fun Of It, Just Like Humans


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
Slowly but surely, the foundations of the "pathological science" - initiated and patronized by corporations like GE - are crumbling. One of the tenets of this "science" is the "false" human tendency for anthropomorphism - i.e. ascribing human qualities, abilities, and behaviors to "primitive" animals. The famed linguist Noam Chomsky is another known critique of anthropomorphism, mainly due to the fact that he does not believe animals possess the genetic apparatus for forming and using a language. Yet, despite more than a century of attacks on the idea that animals possess a so-called "theory of mind", the evidence in favor of such theory continues to accumulate. In addition to dolphins, whales, elephants, parrots, apes, corvids, dogs, and cats we can now add a much more "primitive" animal to that list - the rat. As the study below demonstrates, rats are just as capable as us of enjoying a game and continue to expend energy playing it without any reward in return. Actually, they did get petting and tickling (not sure why the latter is a reward but it makes the study's case even stronger), but that does not count as behavior-inducing reward in animal studies - only food, water or mating opportunities do. But even those "emotional" rewards the rats got were apparently not the reason they kept playing the game. It looks like they simply enjoyed participating in a social activity with their biped, non-squeaking pals who for some reason stubbornly refuse to run in wheels placed in cages, yet are perfectly content to participate in life-long "rat races" that even the rats know are unwinnable.

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Lab rats play hide-and-seek for the fun of it, new study shows | Science | AAAS

"...Every child knows that a proper game of hide-and-seek must follow a strict set of rules. Players can’t switch from being the “seeker” to the “hider” midway through the game, for example, and hiders have to stay put until they’re found. Now, scientists have discovered that lab rats can rapidly learn the rules to hide-and-seek and, so far as they can tell, love playing the game with people. Neuroscientist Michael Brecht of the Humboldt University of Berlin got the idea for his experiment from YouTube. “There are all these YouTube videos from pet owners that say their animals love to do this,” he says. Although it’s well known that rats play lots of rough-and-tumble games, hide-and-seek is so much more elaborate that Brecht wondered whether they could really do it."

"...Each game began with a rat inside a lidded box. When the rat was the “seeker,” Reinhold would close the box and hide, opening the lid with a remote control. After training, the rat knew that was the cue to leap out of the box and go looking for Reinhold. When it found her, Reinhold rewarded the rat by petting and tickling it; no food was offered. When the rat was the “hider,” Reinhold would leave the box open, and crouch beside it while the rat jumped out and scurried to one of its seven hiding places. Within 2 weeks, five out of six adolescent male rats learned how to both seek and hide—and not switch between those roles when they were in the middle of a game, the team reports today in Science. In a second set of experiments, a different researcher trained four more rats to play the game. “Many scientists think this is trivial, but these are very complex behaviorsbecause the rats assume different roles, follow rules, and even strategize about where to hide, Brecht says."

"...To study the neuronal underpinnings of the rats’ playful behavior, the team recorded electrical signals from about 180 neurons in a brain region involved in learning called the prefrontal cortex, using a portable device implanted in the rodents’ heads. Roughly one-third of the cells fired like crazy when Reinhold closed the lid on the box—the cue which told the rat whether it should be seeking or hiding—suggesting that region is particularly sensitive to learning the rules of a game, Brecht says. Some of the rats’ behaviors even hinted at the ability to imagine another’s perspective, a higher level cognitive capacity called “theory of mind.” As Reinhold “searched” the room, for example, the rats would often dart to a place where she’d already looked, as though they were thinking she wouldn’t check it again. The rats also preferred hiding in an opaque box, rather than a transparent box, and stayed silent while they hid, despite making ultrasonic squeaks while seekingall of which suggests the animals may be able to consider another’s viewpoint, Brecht says."

"...The team also wanted to know whether the rats were playing for the fun of it or for the reward of cuddles from the researcher. Brecht says several clues point to the former. When the rats find the researchers, for example, they execute what are known as “joy jumps” or freudensprung. “This is something that a lot of mammals do when they are having fun,” including rabbits, lambs, and people, Brecht says. In addition, the rats often scurry off to a new hiding place after being found, extending the game and postponing the reward of being petted. "They make a good case," says Ted Garland, an evolutionary physiologist at the University of California, Riverside, who was not involved in the work. Scientists have traditionally poo-pooed anthropomorphism, the attribution of human feelings and motives to animals. But findings that rats laugh when tickled and can respond with empathy to another’s pain have started to shift that perspective. Scientists have “come to the realization that pretty much everything that humans do, there are rudiments, at least, in other animals.”


Nov 23, 2013
Thank you @haidut, this made my morning!
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