Questions Regarding White Light Therapy


Sep 26, 2020

I have a white light therapy lamp (10000 lux at 10 cm) and I wonder if its as good to use as red light? Fall has already arrived and the sun is going down earlier and earlier day for day (I live at 60 degrees north).

My plan is to supplement with my white light lamp from when the sun goes down to about 8 pm. Any thoughts on this? Is there similar benefits as with red light? Any concerns? Any thoughts on intensity? Just give me some input



White light? Going to give yourself a stroke.
Use Red light, incandesant etc. Or the nasal or ear canal red light.
Supplementing light from like 5/6 pm to 8pm??????? What????? Goodluck getting a good nights sleep. Dumbest thing I've ever heard. Supplementing light a few hours before bed.
Why don't you trust Nature on this one. If your tired at 8 or 9pm - gth to bed. Wake up and use the red lights in the morning...

lol supplementing light before bed. Sid, this forum aint for you man. Go follow some people that are doing biohacking.

I honestly think you're a troll.


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Sep 26, 2020
Update. I started using a red light instead.

However, I feel a little bit of the bright white light is more energizing than red light. So using 30 minutes with both lights works good for me in terms of combating the darkness of winter.


Jul 3, 2019
Hmm. If its LED I can't say exactly what the spectrum is but I'm guessing something like this: (the 6500K blue line)

Which appears to have a reasonable amount of the orange and red wavelengths about 600 - 750 nm. Personally I like the incandescent lamps (300W) as they have more red and infrared and less blue. They are also cheap. In proper dose and timing the UV and blue probably could be beneficial as well like for vitamin D potentially. I think your LED device has no UV though. I find the incandescent lamps make me feel very warm and relaxed. Calm and energized.
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