Questions On Deodorants/Chewing Gums/Cologne


Mar 2, 2018
Hey guys, just a few questions on recommendations for body care products and chewing gums: i do like to smell nice etc when going out (Based in the UK)..

Found this gum, is it okay?(Thinking bout going for the mixed berry flavour, i think ingredients are all okay, just the gum base is chicle, what ever that is, is that okay?, or is xylitol gum better or others?): Purchase

And this is the substitute deodorant i use, basically a salt Potassium Alum.., anyone got any better recommendations?: Crystal Classic Deodorant

And last one!!: i've looked EVERYWHERE for a subsistute cologne/eau de toillete, but cant find anything.. How bad would it be to spray a conventional eau de toillete on clothes only, i've always used Davidoff Cool Water and have always had great responses from it lol! Or does anybody have ANY final recomendations that are non toxic or what ever?

Thanks guys!

x-ray peat

Dec 8, 2016
gum looks fine. xylitol upsets my stomach so I wouldnt want my gum to have it but ymmv
deodorant should be aluminum free
spraying cologne on clothes sounds like a good idea


Mar 27, 2018
Yes, that gum is fine.

I chew Xylitol gum and no negative effects.

I find that chewing gum without Aspartame/Acesulfame Potassium (artificial sweeteners) keeps its flavor MUCH MUCH longer than xylitol or more "natural" gums.

All colognes and perfumes you get at the Macy's counter (Calvin Klein, Burberry, etc.) all contain highly volatile chemicals, some of which are natural and others which are synthetic. Notice perfumes/colognes don't have an ingredients label, that's because perfume companies can resell industrial chemicals/solvents as "scents" without clearly labeling what is in their product.

I've never got a headache from walking around in a eucalyptus forest or from smelling flowers, but I get headaches and nauseous (to point of vomiting) if too many people are in a car with cologne/perfume. Is this proof that cologne is toxic? No, but I am no longer able to use cologne like I did in my youth. I also don't care to smell good for other people, I simply take more showers.

As far as scents go, if you're looking for a natural alternative, I would use a combination of woodsy essential oils like pine/eucalyptus/balsam + musk. If cost is an issue, regular cologne is fine too and is unlikely to cause problems in most people. It's possible I'm just more sensitive to scents than others.


Apr 8, 2018
I'd check if there's makers markets near you (Etsy shows, craft shows) as there's bound to be a few local handicrafters making 100% natural skin care products. We have a couple gentlemen here who make old fashioned natural colognes and tons if local artisans making deodorant/soap/shampoo products.

But Etsy itself is a great online shopping resource for all types of natural artisan skincare.
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May 13, 2015
Deodorant: put 2 tablespoons baking soda in an empty vinegar shaker bottle (screw on top with a little hole in the center tip). Add some water (1/3 to 1/2 cup). Shake it up to dissolve the baking soda. Don't worry if it all doesn't dissolve. Tip over to put a few drops on your fingertips, apply to under arm. Repeat. Works great!


Apr 5, 2016
If you don't fancy a do it yourself deodorant. Primal Pit paste is a pretty good product. It's a combination of baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter, candelilia wax, vitamin e and arrowroot powder.
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