Question Regarding Iron


Sep 29, 2019
I've not fully brushed up on how to combat excess iron intake. I'm currently getting about 400% rda of iron. However, it is mostly from non heme iron vegetables which apparantly absorbds 2-3 times less than heme iron.

I am slightly bias to a plant based diet and would like recommendations mostly from that persuasion. But I am open to ideas outside of it.

How can I combat a high iron diet? Messing around on cronometer shows me that it's very difficult if you also want to get enough of the good stuff peat recommends. Would inhibiting iron absorbtion be the best strategy? Adding in parsely, cacao, beans, rice, tomatoes etc?

Please, fill me with knowledge.


Jul 29, 2014
Vitamin C increases non-heme iron absorption, like from vegetables and I think beef liver is 70% non-heme or so.

Coffee inhibits absorption of this type of iron.

I read a study a long time ago saying red grapes inhibit iron as well.

I think milk can actually inhibit it as well? Someone else can verify that. It is at the very least a good low iron protein source.
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