Question/Advice - Ionic Magnesium Chloride In Reverse Osmosis


Dec 1, 2020
Hi reader:bookworm:, yes you:pileofpoop:.

I:dummy: need help, I have been looking at magnesium bicarbonate sources but I am a poor b**** and don't have enough money to get both a water filter and a SodaStream. Adding to the injury the fact that the customs are so expensive from most websites selling magnesium hydroxide from where I live.
Because of this I am now looking at other options and have found a couple of possible candidates:
Mineralife Magnesium 240ml - Hälsogiganten
The first one is concentrated from seawater and the second one is ionic magnesium chloride added to reverse osmosis water with fulvic acid i assume?? (it says

Website translation for the FIRST PRODUCT (From a different website)
Mineralife magnesium is one of the best on the market and is produced from a purely elementary source.

- It contains only water-soluble minerals, which makes it easier and faster for the body to absorb the minerals.

- It is produced through patent-pending equipment to create cleaner water, which means that the minerals retain their energy in their charged ionic state for maximum benefit.

- An ionic catalyst makes the contents a full spectrum of 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements.

Dosage: 2.5 ml (1/2 capsule/day) in a little water or juice. 96 servings/bottle.

Max dose 2.5 ml / day

Water purified with improved double reverse osmosis, Ion-bound magnesium from ionized Lacto-gluconate, and chloride.

I am wondering if there are any risks and/or any benefits to this supplement compared to other options.

I am currently using the second option starting today and was thinking of adding the first option 200mg a day with the second option, considering the magnesium isn't very high in the second option compared to what I want. I currently have Mg deficiency and was thinking of adding extra calcium in a month or two of using this. I am currently drinking a lot of milk, orange juice, and eating an absurd amount of eggs.
(perhaps their calcium product)
Mineralife Kalcium 240ml - Hälsogiganten

Thanks for reading pls write your opinion especially if you got plenty of knowledge...
Just realized I :writer:wrote a lmao.:yawn:


Jan 11, 2019
Bro i fill up my water at the grocery store its 25cents a gallon. I can afford a water filter but the store filter is so much cheaper that its just way more worth it.


Thread starter
Dec 1, 2020
Bro i fill up my water at the grocery store its 25cents a gallon. I can afford a water filter but the store filter is so much cheaper that its just way more worth it.
Aah i see. Well I live in Sweden where the goverment are touting that the tap water is so clean eventough it sucks lmao. There are brutal amounts of plastics in our ***t... I just opted for some seawater concentrate and put it in my oj.
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