Question About Improving Hair Quality With Estroban/ Other Stress Lowering

Discussion in 'Hair & Nails' started by Arnold Grape, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Jan 24, 2017
    General question about hair quality and hair loss reduction with Estroban/ Lysine and other stress lowering mechanisms: I have been Peat-eating for nearly a year, with all kinds of observations over that time. In short --the best things for improving hair quality (IME) have been stress-lowering items such as the aforementioned, which improve the hair's quality and feel, although I cannot make solid observations about regrowth.

    These things are Lysine (and off the bat Estroban), in addition to others. For example, I get heart palpitations and my energy and workout ability is reduced while taking these things -- when I sweat, my skin prickly. These effects were similiar with Estro and Lysine. I have no idea why these symptoms go on, but obviously these supps are able to lower stress hormones effectively -- and possibly too much for me personally. There are other observations, which include sex function.

    Is what is happening with these supps what I have conjectured and what sense can one make of these side effects if the sum total is a de facto improvement of hair - in a large way?