Quest For Pulse, Please Help !

Bad Linhat

Apr 19, 2018
It's several months that I'm trying a RP style diet, but my pulse are rarely over 75 bpm (at the moment i'm not monitoring my temperature, but sometimes i feel cold feets...)
Probably i'm obsessed with calories, but when I try to increase my calories i end up become fat.
I have tried a low fat RP style (as suggested on the thread "How To Get Ripped While Peating") with 3:1 ratio carbs to protein and then 2:1 but the pulse are below 75 bpm,
except for few hours after my workout (I do bodybuilding 3 times a week), but i suspect the reason is stress hormone.

I'm 41 years old, 158.5 pound (72 Kg), 5.64 feets (1,72 m)

Is there a methodology to estimate my "Peat" calories intake ?

Is there some guidelines on ratio proteins - carbs - fats ?

I have read "**** Portion Control" and "The Peat Whisperer", but both don't treat macros or calories necessary to develop an healthy methabolism.

Thanks !!!
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