Pyrucet - Liquid (ethyl) Pyruvate/Aceatoacetate Mix

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    Aug 23, 2019
    Tried 10 drops this morning (25 drops/serving, topically on delt, neck, and pelvic-abdomen) 15 minutes before breakfast: 2 cups bone broth, 16.9oz coconut water, 60g of dates, and a Chomps turkey stick. (Also dosed 13 drops orally of Energin and 25 drops of Cardenosine.)

    Noticably deeper breathing ensued ~45 minutes after dosing, and a natural wave of relaxation coated the entire morning well into the afternoon, another user compared it to phenibut, which I can now attest to, it certainly feels very calm more so than just Energin or Cardenosine alone. I had done 19 months of keto which ended in June. Shortly after that small breakfast I had 6oz of scallops seared in coconut oil followed by 110g of dates -- took a 6 mile walk on the beach.

    Macros will be 15%/27%/58% today; about to dose another 7-8 drops with a smoothie. I'm beyond excited to integrate Pyrucet into my regimen and undo some of the various damages that 19 months of keto caused.