Jan 29, 2014
Hey everyone

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this question?

There are numerous studies showing positive effects from intake of fish oil and omega3s there is even a study undertaken on pregnant women which show omega 3s result in healthier babies. How could these studies be wrong? They are all on www.pubmed.com

Thanks a lot



Probably more omega-3 consumption results in less omega-6 consumption. The apparent benefit is because omega-3 is less harmful than omega-6.


Feb 7, 2013
Replace "fructose" with PUFA and "bad effects" with good effects.

Ray Peat said:
People have told me that when they looked for articles on fructose in PubMed they couldn't find anything except articles about its bad effects. There are two reasons for that. PubMed, like the earlier Index Medicus, represents the material in the National Library of Medicine, and is a medical, rather than a scientific, database, and there is a large amount of important research that it ignores. And because of the authoritarian and conformist nature of the medical profession, when a researcher observes something that is contrary to majority opinion, the title of the publication is unlikely to focus on that. In too many articles in medical journals, the title and conclusions positively misrepresent the data reported in the article.
Sugar Issues

Ray Peat said:
Reading medical journals and following the mass media, it's easy to get the idea that fish oil is something any sensible person should use. It's rare to see anything suggesting that it could be dangerous.
The Great Fish Oil Experiment
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