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PUFAs Coming Up High on Cronometer


New Member
Nov 4, 2014
Hi everyone!

On cronometer I'd say my O6 always end up in the 8-10g range. However, I am suspecting this could be off because my eggs are from a local farm and my milk is grass finished organic. I get 4-6k calories per day and love full fat dairy.

Is Cronometer off simply because it assumes grain fed products?


Jan 22, 2013
its probably pretty accurate, it might be slightly less in the dairy and eggs from pastured, especially the eggs. But with that high calorie intake, and full fat, that 8-10g range might be accurate. However, its moreso the ratio of saturated to polyunsaturated that matters more than total amount. If all your fat is from dairy and egg sources, its probably still balanced. It helps if all the calories are supported by nutrients so your metabolism can take care of efficiently that many calories, and the PUFAs as long as theyre balanced by saturated fat and overall energy metabolism will be taken care of without doing noticeable harm


Nov 9, 2012
You're pufa is higher just because you eat more. But the ratio to sat fat remains low, at least what's due to dairy. For eggs I'm not sure how much the pufa content varies depending on whether its grain/soy fed or not. I've looked at various grocery store sources and pufa content looked identical. Maybe because even the best free range commercial brand still uses too much soy/grain.


Mar 29, 2014
Isn't even a fully pastured chook eating high PUFA from greens and bugs, without a rumen to transform them to saturated fats?


Jul 29, 2014
I wonder what would be higher PUFA, grain/pellet fed or purely pastured? Grass and bugs, even though they are high PUFA, are pretty low fat in general are they not? As far as the grain diet goes, just because they feed them soy and corn doesn't necessarily mean the feed is high in fat. Unless they specifically add something to the feed to increase the omega-3 like flax or menhaden, I think the fat content of feed is quite low as the feed stores better this way. Soybean meal for example has only around 16g of fat for every 1000g of the stuff. I'm not even sure whole corn is too high in fat.

That being said, I can't imagine there are too many fully pastured chickens out there without getting at least some supplemental feed and that feed would almost surely be soy protein and grains. So pastured chickens are probably just fed soy just like unpastured chickens.

If you think about it too much it drives you crazy. It's best not to think about these things too much :D Meh


Mar 29, 2014
schultz said:
If you think about it too much it drives you crazy. It's best not to think about these things too much :D Meh
It's not stopping me eating the eggs I can get. :):


Mar 1, 2014
I agree too schultz! It seems like a worthwhile trade off to me--a few grams of pufas, for such a valuable food. I never feel good if I don't have at least one egg yolk in a day.
(I love your photo btw :D)
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