PUFA vs eggs; Magnetism and NO; Latex; Metals vs peritonitis

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    Nov 26, 2013
    Hi. Here are some particularly interesting studies I have found today.

    Influence of dietary linoleic acid on egg fatty acid composition in hens deficient in essential fatty acids

    I wonder why the eggs would grow larger with the vegetable oil?

    Change of Nitric Oxide Concentration in Men Exposed to a 1.5 T Constant Magnetic Field

    In previous studies, increase was also indicated at a millitesla level. So, in spite of an almost 1000-fold increase in magnetic field, there was not a proportionate increase in NO generation. Watch out for that house wiring.

    Latex allergy in patients with spinal dysraphism: the role of multiple surgery

    Not a safe substance?

    Trace element levels in the experimental peritonitis

    The vitamin E reduced the iron and copper in the infection as well as the peroxidation caused by E.Coli peritonitis.