May 29, 2013
First of all, it's a pleasure to be here. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ray Peat and those who are intelligent enough to entertain his ideas.

Secondly, what the hell is going on with my hair? My hair started thinning about 3 years ago (I'm only 22 now) when I went zero-carb to cure my acne. The acne went away, but unfortunately, it Kickstarted my balding. When I came round to brown rice, pasta etc, it was too late. For the next three years, I was on a diet high in poultry, pufa, fiber (tonnes of whole grain breads with added soy every day, brown rice, brown pasta), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower practically every day), intense exercise, and alcohol (I was at uni, after all). It was also a diet extremely low in sugar, saturated fats, dairy, and perhaps, sleep. I feel like a fool, because for so long (with the exception of alcohol) I thought I was being extremely healthy.

While my hair has gotten slowly worse, I've also started to notice dense, black, kinky, pubic like hairs springing up all over my scalp. They always fall out in the shower, and are often on my pillow in the morning. I don't seem to lose normal hairs any more. Unfortunately, I can't tell whether these pubic hairs are new, regrowths of old damaged hairs etc. They don't grow as long as other hairs, and they look disgusting, like little worms. I'm starting to think that my entire MPB area is turning to this sort of hair. Has anyone else ever experienced this? What was the outcome? Did anyone solve it?

Ive very recently started a Peat-style diet: I'm feeling warmer, happier, losing fat/building muscle, skin looks great etc. and I'm waiting to see what happens with hair loss.

What I'd like to know is...

What insight can Peat-a-tarians offer about this strange hair growth? Hormones? Cell damage? I've searched the Internet high and low for information but all I can find is some vague link between similar cases and PCOS, which I've heard from Danny Roddy is related to premature pattern baldness.

I have faith that the Peat community can offer some useful information :) All the best guys.


Feb 7, 2013
I'm afraid I'm not able to offer any helpful advice on your hair situation but hopefully some others can chime in. I will say though, your first post is quite an attention grabber. :mrgreen:

See ya round the forum!


Nov 1, 2012
This reminds me of some that lose all of their hair from chemotherapy and, many times, initially, the new hair is curly.


May 7, 2013
MPB is not directly characterized by "hair loss" but by miniaturization of hair. So your hair will still be there, but it will be so small that you can barerly see them and hence you appear bald. Reason for this are hormonal and inflammatory changes that keep the hair in this miniaturized stage and inhibit further growth. Now, when you reduce those causal hormones and inflammatory stimuli your hair should regrow to a certain extend. It is possible that this is the phenomenon that you are observing. The fact that these new grown hair is falling out tells you that you are not quite there finding the optimum environment for these hairs to thrive. Personally, I believe it would be very hard and complicated to achieve this but it is worth a try!


Jan 16, 2013
It has been stated by Peat and a few other sources that copper deficiency can result in a change in hair texture. This was my case as well. Went from straight, to wavy/almost curly, in an ugly way. Thing is it's still straight on top, but everywhere else has this new texture. It's also become a dull, dark shade of it's original color. I'm only 20 and I've found 5-6 grays. Although since plucking them all, I haven't seen any more. Everything in this department seems to be improving since taking cynomel and being sure to eat more copper. Copper can not be properly used to pigment hair without the influence of T3.


Thread starter
May 29, 2013
Hi guys, thanks for all of your useful feedback. I emailed Mr Peat regarding this issue, and he sent the following. I hope this is of some interest. If so, I will consider re-posting as a separate thread?

It takes time for the PUFA in the tissues to be eliminated, but in the meantime it might be helpful to use some anti-PUFA things topically on your scalp. Caffeine, aspirin, and niacinamide can be dissolved together in water or vodka. DHEA and progesterone can be dissolved in medium chain triglyceride oil.


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