Protein Needs With Gelatin And Rice - Except For Tryptophan


Apr 8, 2016
I looked at the RDIs as calculated by the MyFoodData website and it does look like you can meet protein needs with Gelatin and rice alone but come up a little short on Tryptophan.

Seems like the way to go would be the following:
100g of gelatin
4 Cups of white rice
The website didn't specify uncooked or cooked but I'm guessing cooked from looking at the macros.

Essential amino acids met by gelatin alone:
Phenylalaine: 199% RDI
Threonine: 140% RDI
valine: 114% RDI
Lysine: 165% RDI
Arginine: 6,616 mg (Website didn't list RDI and semiessential)

Essential Amino Acids met by gelatin + white rice
Histidine: 95% + 56%
Isoleucine: 83% + 52%
Leucine: 90% + 52%
Methionine: 83% + 56%

Essential Amino Acid not met by gelatin + rice
Tryptophan - 68% (rice)

A popular but non-essential amino acid with RDI not met
Tyrosine - 64% (rice)

Non essential amino acids in gelatin
Alanine - 8,009 mg
Glutamic acid - 8,753 mg
Glycine - 19,049 mg
Proline - 12,295 mg
Serine - 2,605 mg


well, i guess you could live off of a sort of rice pudding if you throw some dairy or even eggs in there too.


May 17, 2018
Yes, i do this (organic white rice + organic pig gelatin) plus (organic) egg yolks.
Some simple vegetables, no nightshades. herbs and spices (everything customised strategically, influenced by my preferences & TCM principles)... sea salt, filtered tap water... pure vitamin e (alpha-toco), xylitol mouth wash...

I assume this will ensure pufa deficiency, thus increasing endogenoud mead acid (omega 9) production.

Organic cows ghee always available for fat solubles ADEK.

I eat minimal fruit, no dairy (except occasional milk chocolate + sugar), no wheat, potatoes or OJ! – and I most definitely agree with Ray's fundamental principles lol.

My choice to exclude/limit those is based on traditional Chinese medicine principles which i feel supplant Ray's contextual approach.

Glad to have Ray's [much needed] influence around!
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May 17, 2018
plus egg yolks

Worth mentioning, RP's insight:
It should be remembered that amino acids, especially in eggs, stimulate insulin secretion, and that this can cause hypoglycemia, which in turn causes cortisol secretion.
Eating fruit (or other carbohydrate), coconut oil & salt at the same meal will decrease this effect of the protein.

I also use glycerine as a short-term sugar booster when necessary. (no powdered sugar/honey)

Magnesium carbonate & Salicylic acid are also useful, for making the magnesium salt of salicylate, which I'm more confident with compared to the aspirin form (acetyl-salicylic acid)


May 17, 2018
Isn't protein from plant sources less bio-available than protein from animal sources?

If the vegan protein you eat has a nigh enough NNU value then yes, adding gelatin to a vegan diet would probably be a good protein regimen. The problem is that the plant proteins typically have much lower nutritional value than animal ones. Egg is considered best, milk is next, then meat, then collagen, and only then the vegan proteins. Many of them have NNU barely above 0.5, which means they generate quite a bit of waste without much nitrogen retention and utilization
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