Prolactin and Pituitary Tumor Question

Don Quixote

Apr 26, 2020
Does anyone know if an MRI of the brain (not specific of pituitary), without contrast, would show pituitary tumors?

For context, my prolactin has been on the higher end of reference range, but still "normal" (ranging 12-18 ng/ml), so doctors are refusing to investigate further without doing a contrast MRI, which I refused for the time being. They are not good at answering my concerns on the matter. I feel depressed and have brain fog all the time, and no libido, and thus worry about this prolactin number.

I did get a regular brain scan MRI before, and the doc said that he saw a very small shadow which he believed was a cyst. I read that slight elevations in prolactin can be caused by pituitary stalk compression from a macroadenoma (>10mm), essentially because the tumor blocks dopamine uptake into the pituitary cells. Would the MRI scan of the brain have shown something like macroadenoma?

Thanks for the help if someone knows about this!
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