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Anti-Peat Progesterone-positive Cancer?

  1. Does Ray Peat ever talk about PR positive cancer? That is the main conflicting thing I see with progesterone and cancer prevention/treatment.
  2. I've been curious about this too. So far this is all I was able to come up with from his article "Preventing and Treating Cancer with Progesterone"

    When the "progesterone receptor" lacks progesterone, it has the opposite effect of progesterone, and this feature has been used propagandistically, by infecting cells with a virus carrying the progesterone receptor protein, and then suggesting that the disturbed functions of the cell reflect a potential effect of progesterone. The receptor, lacking progesterone, tells the cell that it has a progesterone deficiency, but too many molecular endocrinologists are trying to say that the receptor protein is the same as the progesterone.