Progesterone Constipation


Feb 8, 2020
I’ve recently been taking between 3-12mg of progesterone for the last week and 1-4mg of DHEA. I noticed for the first time in my life that I’ve started getting a little constipated.

I’ve taken DHEA before with no issues, and progesterone is the only lifestyle/diet/supplement change I’ve made recently.

In addition, I’ve noticed my pee smells more strongly than usual, and maybe has a little more foam than usual (all through the day, not just in the morning).

Ive since stopped taking progesterone for the time being and I’m using more magnesium to get things moving again.

Anyone know what the cause of this would be? Is this just temporary as excess estrogen is flushed?

Couldn’t find anything when searching the forums for this. I would like to start progesterone again, it basically cleared my persistent face acne
Oct 8, 2016
Colorado, USA
Interesting. When I used camphosal, I got the expected constipation. I still had a bowel movement each day, but it was very hard packed, not soft or loose at all. I stopped camphosal after a couple weeks because I was troubleshooting a health issue. However, the same kind of bowel movement persisted, even weeks afterward. Circa this time (before, during, and after) I was experimenting with a 50mg pregnenolone capsule a couple days a week and there was one week of Pansterone daily (topically, 4 drops I think).

My best guess is that something that normally regulates motility has been depleted or dysregulated. For instance, if your body is used to certain levels of serotonin to regulate bowel movements then the assumed decline in estrogen (estrogen increases serotonin) would increase constipation.

Perhaps the progesterone is using up materials that would normally be used for gut motility. It's known to increase bruising or bleeding of the gums, presumably because it depletes vitamin C.

Perhaps the hormones you're using are regulating something similar to vasopressin.

My bowel movements are very easy now, they are not hard packed like before, and I often have two a day. I think it's because of the iodine I'm supplementing now.


Jul 10, 2016
Yup I agree, and like I said minerals must go up with, obviously, calories.

At this point - after two years of using p4 and 4 months of dhea... They actually have an anti-constipation effect... Funnily when you start using it the reduction in serotonin might cause momentary slow down of bowel transit but that is just your body adapting to relying less on hibernation hormones for function.

If it's progest-e, don't forget K2 to balance the tocopherols.

You're on 6-12 milligrams , it's a low dose... I advice from exoerience to keep DHEA under 3mg/Day.
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