Professor Tim Spector - Fake Intellectual


Jan 10, 2023
I was wondering if any of you have come across the social media mainstream health character "Professor Tim Spector" who presents himself to be the authority on gut health. I've watched a number of interviews and podcasts with him and I'm pretty unimpressed at what he speaks about and there is no substance to anything he says. For example one of the things he constantly repeats is "this food is great because it contains polyphenols which are great for our gut health" , "eat fermented food because it is great for our gut health" , "eat the rainbow", "eat more fat it is better for your gut microbiome".

I guess his simple words + explanations and his professor title appeal to normies, but it cringes me out that people like him are respected and made out to be an authority on health when it seems like he really doesn't understand much about health and human metabolism.

He is obsessed about fermented foods and it seems like he is actually fermenting himself with all that lactic acid bacteria, as he seems like quite slow in the brain when he speaks.

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