Problem Digesting Sucrose Unless Acid Is Added

Luming Zhou

Feb 22, 2014
Simple syrup tastes too bland unless something sour (like orange juice, vinegar or aspirin) is added. It tastes so disgustingly bland that the taste itself makes me feel nauseous as soon as it enters my mouth.

I also have problems digesting simple syrup unless something sour is added to the simple syrup solution.

Are my taste buds telling me that it is a bad idea to eat anything sugary without acid?

It is probably no coincidence that most fruits, which are high in sugar, are also very sour.

It is also probably no coincidence that most starchy foods (like pizza, burritos, french fries and pasta) has something acidic added (like tomato sauce or ketchup).

It seems that we intuitively like to eat carbohydrates with something sour.

Is acid required for the digestion of sugar?
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