Preparing Coffe-regular Boil No Nutrients And Oxalate Proble


Apr 26, 2013

How do you prepare your coffee. Just regular boiling extracts almost no magnesium and niacin, even not very much caffeine. Espresso does the job, steaming hot water under pressure extracts even as much as 50mg magnesium per 100 ml. But you have to have the espresso machine. Instant coffee is a problem because all of the ground coffee seeds remain and that has a lot of oxalates.

The second problem are oxalates, I am not sure how much of them are in espresso, but boiled is very low. the question about magnesium is, that it is probably most of it in form of magnesium oxalate and not very bioavailable. Is coffee really usefell as magnesium source and should we use it only as a caffeine source and only boil it?


Jan 22, 2013
Any method of getting it hot enough, for long enough, will extract pretty much all the same nutrients/ caffeine. The filter is ueful for filtering out sediment, that could yes, contain small amounts of oxalates, but most decent quality coffee has the skins and residues removed so theres not much oxalate remaining anyways. (Cheap coffee might have skins and residues). Coffee is only decent for magnesium and niacin, so I would be happy that it has it, it wont put you in a deficit, but I wouldn't rely on it as your source of those nutrients. Coffee does have a really high amount of riboflavin (b2) and pantothenic acid (b5) which are both crucial for energy metabolism, and in my opinion that is a major benefit of it. In terms of method of boiling, the cleanest way would be a steel espresso machine, followed by a steel French press, carafe, percolator, or just boiling + straining in a pot. Coffee machines are only a problem because the water is boiled and decanted in plastic, and the paper filters may have been bleached/whitened with chlorine (available at health food stores are food based, semi bio degradable filters).
I consider coffee a non depleting energy booster, but don't really on it to provide nutrients, rather look at it as having enough nutrients to fully support itself + maybe a little cream / sugar. I prefer my coffee with no sugar, but with a hefty amount of ghee or cream stirred in, and maybe a pinch salt.

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Coffee, brewed from grounds, prepared with tap water (scroll down for nutrient information)

(side note)
I find it interesting how a cup coffee, though it only has 6.2 mg choline per cup (because only 2 calories), the ratio of choline -> calories is extremely high (3 to 1)...only matched by beef liver and egg yolk, in fact it might even have a higher ratio! (Choline creates acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in nerve muscle control and brain neuron firing speed, memory and learning). So coffee is not really gonna be significant in providing choline, but theoretically if you were to obtain a good portion of your calories from straight coffee you would be operating at an extremely high level of mental / muscle activity (Lets do it guys...50 cups a day)
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Feb 20, 2013
Orange and concord grapes are also high in oxalic acid. Oxalic acid binds with calcium in the intestine and leaves without absorption. Eating calcium with oxalic acid rich food will help from oxalate but will lower calcium absorption. Coffee in milk seems protective.

Urinary response to an oxalic acid load is influenced by the timing of calcium loading in rats. - PubMed - NCBI

J Urol. 2005 Nov;174(5):2027-31.
Urinary response to an oxalic acid load is influenced by the timing of calcium loading in rats.
Hossain RZ, Ogawa Y, Morozumi M, Hokama S, Uchida A, Sugaya K.

Division of Urology, Department of Organ-Oriented Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan.


Dietary intake of calcium or dairy products has been shown to decrease urinary oxalate excretion by limiting its intestinal absorption. However, not enough attention has been given to whether there is any benefit from altering the schedule of ingesting calcium and oxalate. Therefore, we investigated the effects of changes in the timing of calcium and oxalate loading on urinary oxalate excretion.


Male Wistar rats weighing 180 to 200 gm were fasted and randomized into several groups. They were then administered normal saline or oxalic acid with or without calcium or milk. Calcium or milk was given immediately, or 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes before or after the oxalate load. All treatments were given via gastrostomy. Urine samples were collected by bladder puncture just before administration and at hourly intervals up to 5 hours afterward. Urinary oxalate was measured by capillary electrophoresis.


Urinary oxalate increased after the administration of oxalate alone, while it decreased when oxalate was combined with calcium or milk. Urinary oxalate showed a smaller increment when calcium or milk was given before than after oxalate loading, and it was much smaller when calcium or milk was given immediately before oxalate.


Prior calcium loading appears to have a positive influence on decreasing oxalic acid absorption from the intestinal tract. Therefore, calcium or dairy products should always be ingested before a meal rich in oxalate to prevent oxalate absorption and decrease urinary oxalate excretion.
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