Pregnenolone Likely Effective For Schizophrenia


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
I have been following this for some time now. The pharma industry is quickly running out of options for managing drug-resistant schizophrenia so it is turning to therapies from the beginning of the 20th century. Either way, if this makes it through the clinical trials it would be a huge win for Ray's ideas but bad news for us b/c I can guarantee you that pregnenolone's status as a dietary supplement will end the moment FDA realizes it works for a variety of "untreatable" brain conditions including all types of dementia (hint: AD) and psychiatric diseases. ... 0786X?np=y

The human studies used pregnenolone as adjunctive therapy and saw very positive results with the low dose of 50mg/day. The last study is a rodent study and used only pregnenolone, and it completely stopped the diseases. The human dosage equivalent from that study is 400mg-500mg per day. Though high, it is considered quite safe. Ray has taken 1g for extended period of time with no complaints and I have gone even higher with no side effects. The study I posted on pregnenolone's stimulatory effect on the thyroid used a human dose equivalent of 2.5g per day.


Jan 25, 2014
Less and subtle breathing increases Co2 resulting better tissue oxygenation.This increases neurosteroid levels if the diet has enough Vitamin A,cholesterol and protein.


Nov 23, 2013


Oct 11, 2016
@haidut, any rule of thumb when trying to reproduce the therapeutic effects of Pregnenolone in studies of which cases to use Preg alone and which to assume it should be taken with DHEA?


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Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
@haidut, any rule of thumb when trying to reproduce the therapeutic effects of Pregnenolone in studies of which cases to use Preg alone and which to assume it should be taken with DHEA?

Other human studies showed good effects for mood conditions from much lower doses - 30mg-50mg daily. I would try that on its own first but you can add 5mg-10mg DHEA daily as that has also been shown to have benefit for people with depression, schizo and other mood disorders.
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