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Potato Fiber


Jul 22, 2012
Some posters have said that the fiber in a potato is beneficial.
Some have said that Dr. Peat says that the fiber in a potato is beneficial.

I'm willing to believe this,
but I just haven't seen the documentation of Peat sources to support that view.
Please report what you've read or heard,
even if you don't know where it came from.

To me, this is an important point,
because the place of potatoes on a Peat diet is controversial.
Two things about potatoes have seemed to be clear drawbacks,
and drawbacks that Peat notes multiple times:
starch and fiber.

Exploring that charge--that Peat does indeed say starch and fiber are not good or even bad--
has been muddled by the fact that we tend to lump those two things together.
I thought I'd try to separate them out here,
and just explore what Peat says about potato fiber.

As I've said elsewhere,
I've usually interpreted Peat as being pretty generally anti-fiber:
the straining of orange juice, the preference for white rice over brown, etc.

But some argue that Peat says there are good fibers and there are bad fibers.
I do know that I've seen Peat comment about "the wrong kind of fiber" causing problems--
giving bacteria a place to live in the gut, or possibly giving bacteria something to feed on in the gut.
Still, I can't say that I've ever seen or heard Peat say something like:
"Everyone should try to get X grams of X kind of fiber per day for good health."

The other question that gets muddled about fiber is:
does Peat recommend either the long-cooking or the heavy buttering of potatoes
as a technique for ameliorating the potential bad effects of the fiber--
or does Peat mean that it is just the starch in a potato
that is made more healthy if cooked and buttered?
On another thread a poster has said that the cooking and buttering are meant by Peat to target only the starch,
not the fiber.
Again, I am willing to believe this--but it is simply news to me: I haven't read/heard Peat say that.

So, in summary, the questions about potato fiber are:
1. Does Peat say that potato fiber is beneficial for us to eat it?
2. Does Peat say that potato fiber is made more healthy by cooking?
3. Does Peat say that potato fiber is made more healthy by consuming it with butter/saturated fat?


Jan 27, 2013
I've never heard Peat say potato fiber is bad. I've heard Ray infer potato fiber is good. Ray says fiber resistant to bacterial breakdown is good since it increases bowel transit and therefore decreases estrogen. If your metabolism is running good bowel transit is good either way.

The well-cooked is for starch to insure all the starch particles have exploded making them easier to digest. The fat is for the starch as well to coat the starch so it is more resistant to bacterial breakdown.


Jul 26, 2012
Los Angeles
He says in an interview about how they used certain african tribes who had low rates of cancers as an example to say grain fiber is good but they ate potato type fiber.


Thread starter
Jul 22, 2012
biggirlkiss said:
I heard from someone that made the potato protein substance that it tasted bad.

I used to be a big Potato Soup lover.
(Not the Peat Potato Extract Soup--just the conventional, whole potato, milk, butter, salt, pepper, celery, onion, etc kind)
The Peat Potato Extract Soup...it's kinda good.
But distinctly many notches below conventional potato soup.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
biggirlkiss said:
I heard from someone that made the potato protein substance that it tasted bad.
It has a weird kind of addicting taste to it.

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