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Post Your Ketotifen Success Story Here Please

  1. I’m planning on experimenting with this and wondered if you’ve had some good results for anything. My intention is to see if I can take small doses that may help headaches caused by high serotonin.
  2. Sorry, but what other benefits are expected from Ketotifen?
  3. it's a serotonin reducing antihistamine like cypro but different.
  4. I know ray considers anticholinergic effects to be not a negative side effect, but in practice if you want to really take high doses of an antihistamine without hallucinating or having weird heart effects, an antihistamine with low amounts of anticholinergic activity like ketotifen, which also has mast cell stabilizing effects , is helpful.

    I'm formally diagnosed w mcas and I take large doses of ketotifen, like 12 mg a night. It's no miracle cure. Focusing on environmental changes and being in pristine air is more important. It does help palliate the symptoms when I cannot escape an exposure. I also like to stack it with intranasal cromolyn when I can
  5. Almost all people with mcas symptoms are in a bad environment. I do think striving to find places with pristine air is important in mcas like symptoms ,probably more than diet
  6. As I already stated many times. It does work for chronic pancreatitis and for acute attacks too. I use cheap generic ketotifen syrup. 200 mcg is enough for me to manage chronic pancreatitis. Doses higher than 200 mcg make me depressed as hell. That study Haidut posted uses 1mg for acute pancreatitis.
  7. Took half a pill yesterday evening for heartburn and acid reflux, it worked to eliminate those symptoms almost completely for about 5 hours. Symptoms came back a bit when I laid down to sleep but I was able to sleep soundly through the night. I usually take half a Dramamine for those symptoms but the ketotifen worked as just as well, plus it kicked in much faster. Feeling some constipation issues today, possibly due to the decreased serotonin, hopefully this is a transient issue like I've heard it is with cypro. I don't feel groggy at all though so that's good.
  8. In my experience ketotifen helps to lunch good, normal BM.
  9. Good to know. Maybe it was due to something unrelated for me.
  10. It's even used for IBS
  11. Has anyone noticed autoimmune symptoms with the Ketasma Ketotifen? I took 500 mcg (half a tablet) one day and was fine. A few days later I took 500 mcg in the evening and another 500 mcg about 4 hours later. The weirdest thing happened the second time... I have Celiac, the pain I get when I eat gluten is in the connective tissue (feels like my flesh is bruised all over), I got this same pain when I took the two 500 mcg doses in the same night. I doubt the pill has gluten in it but it might have something in it that triggers autoimmune issues, possibly the blue colorant. At the smaller dose though, I did not have pain. On another thread I believe some people were taking 200 mcg doses, I think I will try that (a quarter tablet) next time.
    Ironically, Celiac is what's messing up my pancreas, and despite the flesh pain, my digestive issues did clear up with the Ketotifen.
  12. Try to get syrup of ketotifen it is much purer. I take 200mcg. Fillers are plague. Haidut posted that talc used as filler can cause diabetes even in quantities used in tablets. Who knows about other ingredients. Ketotifen used in IBS and have pronounced effect on GI tract you see and try to figure out if it is positive for you. Pain could be related to changes in gut immunity system triggered by ketotifen.
  13. Have Celiac's, histamine and Hashimoto Issues. Kan I use Ketotifen? Have lots of issues with fillers and only use my Synthroid which causes problems due to be fillers. Tried Tirosint-Sol but it triggers Mast Cell activation with me and had to go back to Synthroid. Armour thyroid don't be work for me.
  14. You could proubably try to see if it works for you. Ketotifen has its permanent place on my shelf, definitely working solution for pennies.
  15. Would you be willing to share the link to the product you are using? Thanks so much
  16. OTC in Brazil.
  17. Oh noooooo. I'm in the USA. So guess not available to me.
  18. Some members have ordered many meds from Mexican pharmacies. Search the forum.
  19. Thanks. Will do.