Post-Microneedling Scalp Creams?

Dom Selleck

Jun 21, 2019
What is the best thing for your scalp right after microneedling? Personally I use magnesium oil but not sure if it’s the best thing for the scalp considering how painful and red it gets afterwards. Is anything even needed? Would Minoxidil be a good choice?


Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
I've used collagen creams and maybe lighter stuff like rosewater & etc. would be okay I don't know much about the implications, but I wouldn't use anything too "heavy" after a thorough microneedling session (like acids, alcohol and such). I'd also avoid much sunlight and try just moisturizers/creams mostly -- but I'm not too knowledgeable in this area. I've just going by what I've heard/encountered in microneedling personally.


Oct 6, 2013
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