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Post Here If You Are Experiencing Flu-like Symptoms

  1. It will be beneficial to hear your experiences.
  2. I personally know 3 people who are hospitalized. All have Covid-19 and pneumonia. One person is a normally healthy person in their 50s that is very much into nutrition (but more on the low-carb side of things), another person is a Type 1 diabetic, and the other person is a normally healthy senior in their late 70s.
  3. I think people who are into low carb are often quite sick. Sadly. I hope your people recover quickly.
  4. Thank you. And I worry about the low-carb thing too. That's a lot of added stress to the body.
  5. Pour a little sugar on it honey
    Pour a little sugar on it baby

    I wonder what would happen if Trump announced sugar is the cure??
  6. I read this sciencedaily article a while back that made me chuckle. They were trying to see if insulin would protect against LPS. I like the part below in parenthesis where they offhandedly mention that they gave insulin and glucose, you know, just to maintain normal glucose levels. Surely the sugar couldn't be the protective aspect.

    Insulin may reduce several inflammatory factors induced by bacterial infection
    "The study involved 19 healthy subjects who were injected after an overnight fast with a dose of the endotoxin based on their weight. After the endotoxin injection, 10 participants were infused with insulin (plus dextrose to maintain normal glucose levels), and nine received saline to mimic the insulin infusion."

  7. Wow that's the perfect example of correlation does not equal causation! They concluded it was the insulin. Face palming so hard. :banghead
  8. Lol whoever is anti sugar is right at the top of the fools pyramid. Or is it the low fat vegans?

    I don’t know. It’s close
  9. Low fat vegans for sure. I can't imagine life without animal proteins or some good fat.
  10. BS
  11. As I said on an other thread. No comorbidities, under 30, seldom get sick, I eat plenty of carbs and yet I have trouble breathing which are getting worse. You can also check @Hans article on his wife's experience with the virus.
  12. I’m sorry. I know perfectly healthy young people get flu or whatever.
  13. Sometimes our immune system need to clear out unhealthy cells. The problem is when cells die off they release a toxin and that's what causes the symptoms, not the virus. So make sure all lymph channels are open. Keep things flowing out. Autopsies of patients who die of pneumonia reveal thick sticky mucous. If you cant get this out you won't be able to breathe. The other way is through bronchitis but I don't think that causes pneumonia by itself.
  14. I am reasonably sure I came down with this two weeks ago. I had fever & pleurisy for three days, Thursday through Saturday. No cough. I thought I was basically finished and recovering on the upswing Monday last week. Tuesday and Wednesday I went on a couple easy bicycle rides and was coughing and spitting a surprising amount. In accordance with other reports I was almost gasping for air on what would have been trivial efforts for me.

    Late Thursday night last week I had total relapse. Back into fever and lung pain. I'm almost fine again now.

    I have no cough, but when I take a long hot shower then in the hot steam I start having a productive cough.

    I do not think I had the wrong idea on going on a long brisk walk or an easy bike ride. I think this thing forms a coating on the lungs and you have to work it loose. I relapsed because it was still in pockets of mucus in my lungs that weren't moving. My totally unsupported hypothesis is you should probably force yourself to take a brisk walk. A steam room would be best. I'm not 100% but I intend to force myself to go on a long walk tomorrow and do a lot of coughing and spitting on the grass.

    I also think there is a lot of evidence that humidification is important for both prevention and recovery. My humidstat was generally reading 30%, but when I got it up to 55% by boiling water I would tend to have productive cough.

    I was totally waylaid by the worst flu of my life in October and I was hoping I could skip this one, or already had it. I was totally out of commission and coughing until I cried for ten days in October. That was way worse than this. The only weird thing about Chinese Bat Aids was the total relapse after about four days of feeling fine.

    I would personally link both my flus of the last half year to job stress. If I was a beach bum I don't think I would have got them. I worked a series of all-nighters leading up to both.
  15. Yes the dry air in heated rooms is terrible for colds and flu.

  16. This reminds me of the position shown in the picture here. I found it very helpful. When I tried it the first time I was short of breath in the beginning, but it went away after a short while. Next time I tried it, I was short of breath again, but it went away faster then the first time. With more praxis this issue completely vanished.
  17. I felt flu like symptoms (mild) during the 1st half of the day over a period of 2-3 days not long ago.

    My wife had the same and our toddler, not long before that, had flu like symptoms over a few days.

    Ray Peat has helped me think in such a "bigger picture" way around health that I didn't even think of the word "flu" during any of it. I swear that has something to do with going through these periods where symptoms (i.e- "flu like" or "corona like") make a massive difference.
  18. I'm experiencing some hot/cold flu symptoms with headaches and difficulty breathing/lung pain. It's not abnormal for me since I have asthma problems, but it's been more difficult for a day or so. Who knows what I have but it's definitely something. I've managed to keep it under relative control using what I have on hand, understanding that endotoxin and serotonin play a big role in pulmonary fibrosis and breathing difficult, using what Ray/Georgi have recommended:

    • Methylene blue in liquid (1mg) every few hours with red light exposure, MB was a potent anti-viral against Ebola (another coronavirus)
    • 1g Vitamin C powder, with lysine (abolishes NO response from endotoxin), niacinamide, all in applesauce
    • Benadryl a few times a day (don't have cypro right now) to inhibit the serotonin receptors.
    • Cascara in juice for the emodin, and helping bowel movements.
    • Antibotics (penicillin) to help clear endotoxin along with the carrot salad.
    • Vitamin E, which prevents vascular leakiness in the lungs.
    • Gelatin in hot chocolate because glycine blunts lung inflammatory reaction from endotoxin.
    • Plenty of pregnenolone and thyroid as usual.

    Thanks for the positions, I'll try something like this tonight to help me breathe better. Do you have other suggestions for keeping the 'lymph channels' open?
  19. As Ray mentioned in his recent interview, we have those viruses already, stress merely proves to be spark. I've had an insane flu in early feb myself, with high fever and debilitating symptoms, I was hopeful not to have to go through this again, but hey only thing to do is to support the body through it as much as possible.
  20. Vitamin C flush. Take enough to cause a bowel movement. A lot of crap is released! Pun not/intended.
  21. Ha! Ok yes I'm well aware of the vitamin C laxative effect. I will look into that! Thanks all evidence really points to the endotoxin load in the intestine being the single most important factor for lung health.
  22. Nebulized sugar has actually been studied as an anti microbial for lungs
  23. Do not typically have prolonged symptoms: I work in an office with someone who returned from China two months ago and became ill thereafter. Slowly, this seemed to work its way around the office. Got sick approximately 3 weeks ago, with the worst symptoms being the difficulty breathing and fever, with low energy. Carrot salad and time in the sun helped. Convinced that whatever is making the rounds this year that did not hospitalize people is not a typical flu bug.
  24. body temps have been lingering around 37.4 to 37.6 today. feel fatigued too....im always fatigued but this time more than usual. having said that i did drive interstate 2 days ago and that was a long drive. have a bit of a sore throat but apart from that nothing else.


    temps are usually around 37.0 max throughout the day.
  25. I have had a sore throat and body aches since yesterday. Been taking 200,000 units of A in divided doses, 10 mg of MB and maybe 30g of vitamin C and it is keeping it at bay pretty nicely. Took a nice walk on the beach in the sunshine and feel okay. Also tried some cordyceps and allicin garlic extract.
  26. I’ve had a bit of a sore throat on and off but it seems to follow too much starch and lack of sleep. I think I need more zinc tbh.
  27. I’ve had a tickly cough but no other symptoms. Possibly just a common cold, or a very muted case of COVID.
  28. I've had slightly elevated temps too, but not severe fever. Body's definitely fighting somethin
  29. My throat is a little sore. Will be undergoing emergency throat examination to detect signs of COVID-19 positive phlegm. Green says positive.

    Hope it's not green. I've signed up.

    First on the waiting list for the vaccine when it starts to ship. Beta release version. Eligible for updates.
  30. Join the prayer groups for the vaccine developers to be given the inspiration to produce vaccines now. And pray that Ray Peat is wrong that it takes the developers a year at least to develop the vaccine. Wait a year and everyone is either immune or dead, he says.

    Pray for the rabbit to be pulled out of the hat.
  31. I have zero faith and plan to never Get vaccinated. It will be a scam like the flu vaccine.
  32. Same!
  33. You convinced me!
  34. Its going to be Mandatory and if you don't comply, your passport, your drivers license, your bank accounts , your electricity, you name it will no longer work.

    We all better have an escape plan because the Magical Miraculous Mandatory Vaccine is going to appear out of nowhere, sooner than they are all saying, like before next Flu season.
  35. Any updates?
  36. A bit more malaise and a body aches today. Had to prop up with pillows due to chest tightness. Nothing serious. I am working today.
  37. Same here, slight chest tightness, it's better in the middle of the day, worst at night.
    Body aches and feeling off for a few days now, but obviously using Benadryl, vitamin E, methylene blue, niacin amide etc is doing something right as I can't say my symptoms are worse than they were 3 days ago.
  38. same here. I’m doing bag breathing at night. Helps a lot.
  39. I feel worse today. Normal type flu symptoms, achiness, malaise. I have chest tightness. I’m taking 4mg of cypro twice a day, and lots of other things. Fever isn’t very high. I very seldom get fevers. It is elevated probably .5 to 1 degree F.
  40. I’ve had a slight cough and diarrhoea for about a week. I’ve not been tested. It’s been nothing worse than a common cold. My girlfriend has been much worse though, with sore throat and congestion and headaches, and presumably we’re both infected with the same thing. I think my diarrhoea is passing now which is a good sign.
  41. I took a lot of Zinc Gluconate powder yesterday, and also some Pepcid (Famotidine) + Benadryl. Today is my best day in the past 4 days. Also drank some oxidized C with methylene blue. Zinc seems to be very therapeutic for Asthma/breathing problems and I always forget about it.

    Today I'm breathing a lot better, just some slight lung pain but the breathing is definitely easier.
  42. I think the worst symptoms are the breathing difficulties, if you don't have those it's really great! All the deaths so far have been caused by this problem, and they all died in ICU with lots of oxygen and no carbon dioxide, which typically worsens the condition of the lungs.

    My lungs are my weakest link, so whenever I get sick, I really need to take it seriously because suffocating is a terrible feeling.
  43. I really think we both had the same thing. Had slightly elevated temps for many days, and overall feeling of malaise. With the breathing impairment.
  44. High doses of methylene blue, like 10mg every three or four hours are best ime

    Hope you feel better hamster and anyone else who is sick
  45. I just heard about someone who was diagnosed with COVID over the phone - so they’re doing that now?!
  46. I'm in the U.S. My dad's friend just went to the doctor with the typical symptoms. He was told to self-quarantine for two weeks unless he worsens, in which case he should call the ER. He wasn't tested.
  47. I did take 15mcg or T3 recently but my temp is almost 102F.
  48. I don't know if it's just me, but 15mcg of T3 is way too much. Like 90% of that is going to get converted to reverse-t3.
    Nibbling small amounts throughout the day is the only way this works I think.

    What do you have available as remedies @ecstatichamster
  49. Lots of people take that much at once. I don’t usually but I did now. It isn’t turned into rT3. I believe T4 turns into rT3. T3 turns into other metabolites.

    Europe PMC
    Brain-dead organ donors are depleted of circulating triiodothyronine (T3) and show features suggestive generally of anaerobic metabolism at the tissue level, accompanied by deteriorating hemodynamic function. The principle of single-bolus kinetics with labeled carbon compounds (14C-R), with subsequent measurement of both plasma activity and of exhaled 14C O2 has therefore been used to study glucose, pyruvate, and palmitate utilization under conditions of (1) sedation, (2) brain death, and (3) brain death with T3 therapy in the baboon. Serum lactate and plasma-free fatty acid concentrations were also measured. There was a major change in metabolic oxidative processes following brain death. The rate of glucose, pyruvate, and palmitate utilization was markedly reduced, and there was an accumulation of lactate and free fatty acids in the plasma, indicating a general change from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism. The administration of T3 to the brain-dead baboon resulted in a dramatic increase in the rate of metabolite utilization, and a reduction in the plasma concentrations of plasma lactate and free fatty acids, indicating an apparent reversal from tissue anaerobic to aerobic metabolism. We suggest that T3 should be administered to all brain-dead potential organ donors to correct and maintain a more physiologic metabolic status and thus to improve organ function.
  50. Ok. Not here to argue. Do what you feel is best, I'm just pretty certain that is an unphysiological dose and should be split into smaller pieces.
    Hope you get better.
  51. Do you ever tape your mouth at night. Also I've begun to realize the complimentary nature of Mildronate with Buteyko practices. Works the other end of problem by getting the cell to produce more carbon dioxide.
  52. Just got over something. It wasn’t the worst thing I had but I actually got on top of this one early. Mild fever. Had headaches for 24 hours at a time, literal dripping nose, not very much coughing thankfully. The fatigue lasted a good 7 days after the flu-like symptoms ceased. I’ve never had headaches, dripping nose and fatigue quite like this. Or maybe I have and just forgot because the media were not broadcasting fear porn.

    I ate lots of black tea and button mushrooms. Maybe they made the difference.
  53. I am experiencing some mild flu like symptoms mainly the headache is typical of a flu, but now has rather toned downed a lot.
    It all started last Monday (23rd of March) after feeling excellent all of the sudden I got a massive headache and I started to feel really cold. I had quickly went and placed my feet in hot water with with a bit of ACV in it.
    The next day I was rather feeling hot waves instead of cold waves. The next day I did not had these symptoms.
    Some muscle aches.
    Smell sense it is not ultra sharp, I can smell lots of things, but unlike before I cannot pinpoint where they are coming from.
    Ability to feel taste is reduced.
    But no high temp at all so far, no coughing, no chest tightness so far.
    Nose slightly stuffed sometimes.
    Slightly dizzy.
    In the morning I wake up having to spit a bit of greenish stuff from the top portion of my neck, not coming from the chest.

    My vision is blurry now more than it is usually as lately I have been battling this blurry vision going from mild to to ignorable to lots of blurriness.

    I have been taking MB around 2mg, 4mg and 5mg per day.
    B1, B2, Pregnenolone, Androsterone I am taking each day anyway.
    E, A, D, K2
    Lysine, Glycine, Aspirin
    Copper 1mg or 2mg and Zinc 30mg
    Vit C small 1g dose, seems I get easily irritated by it on the intestine side, not stomach side. Otherwise I would take much more.
    Gargles bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide
  54. it is but I’m quite sick so I’m trying different things.
  55. I felt very intensely ill for one day last week. I had severe fatigue, body aches, headache, low appetite and kidney pain but no respiratory symptoms. I did not have a fever and my body temperature was actually lower than normal. I slept most of the day and night (about 20 out of 24 hours) and drank broth and mineral water to help me stay hydrated. I was naturally a bit apprehensive because I work in a hospital but I got over it quickly and feel fine and back to normal now.
  56. How are your symptoms today? How is your intestinal function?
  57. My stomach hurts a little bit, probably from a lot of things that I’m taking. I have 103° temperature at times pretty bad, but right now I don’t feel that bad even though my temperature is almost 103.

    I do bag breathing all day and every time I do bag breathing I feel so much better. I don’t have a cough and I’m not letting myself cough.
  58. Can you go for a walk or does that get you out of breath? It could help your digestion move a bit faster. Do you have cascara? Emodin is helpful for this virus.

    Since your temperature is 103, you're definitely fighting something, you should up your anti-viral intake.

    Have you taken vitamin C with Methylene Blue? I found that if you mix both together in water and shine some red light on the glass and then take it, it was really helpful.
  59. Why cough is bad?
  60. yes a lot of c. 40g or so And maybe 25mg of methylene blue in divided doses.
    I can walk without getting out of breath. I might try but I don’t feel like it.
  61. OK when I was at the worst of my symptoms I couldn't walk without feeling out of breath and had lung pain.
  62. Yes it’s bad to cough.

    medical people have this all wrong. They think it’s good to “clear out mucus from your lungs” but it’s very very bad because it lowers CO2 to dangerously low levels.

    I helped somebody who has cystic fibrosis basically teaching him Buteyko breathing and helping him avoid coughing, and everything that we did was against what medical people were telling him.

    His symptoms went completely away and he’s in his 40s today and perfectly healthy. Unheard of.
  63. thank you for your posts.
  64. I’m also taking an amoxicillin and 8mg of cyproheptadine.
  65. You're probably well covered at this point. If you feel OK then the fever might just be curative.
    I didn't have cypro so I used benadryl+pepcid in a pinch.
  66. I hope you feel better soon. Could someone get you a co2 tank you could use?
  67. No problem, I wish you a prompt recovery.
  68. thank you. I could find out. Bag breathing seems okay for now.
  69. Thank you, @ecstatichamster !
    And please heal soon! Sending you good vibes from Germany!
  70. thank you!
  71. I started taking about 20 mg progesterone this afternoon with 5 mg of DHEA, a couple of times. And this is making me feel a lot better.
  72. :thumbup:
  73. I could see them pushing this, but how will they enforce it? It's not like they are going to go door to door... I hope...

    Although this new vaccine thing Bill Gates is working on will apparently let anybody give a vaccine, not just medical personnel. I wonder if someone could come up with a way to 'fake' the micro tattoo that Gates is coming up with?
  74. I thought you already did a dose similar to this daily, with some high dose preg?
  75. I'm doing like 80 mg a day.
  76. Source?
  77. 'fake' the micro tattoo :clap:
  78. @GAF
    That USPS link sort of perfectly rounds out the picture. Dam. Great timing. Had no idea.
  79. Thank you @Rafe

    My temp hit about 105 high yesterday and hovered in the 103s most of the time. A cough has developed but I can mostly suppress it. Doing lots of bag breathing.

    Overnight my temps were as low as 99.5, and this morning 101, so that’s progress.

    My son gave me a mask, which I’ll wear around my family. And the mask has a bit of dead air and generates higher CO2 so masks are actually therapeutic. Someone could design a mask with lots of dead space and it would create a certain concentration of CO2 that would be very healthful and wouldn’t require bag breathing.

    Anyone want to invent that, I’ll help fund it if @charlie permits.

    My stack consists of:
    Zithromax and amoxyclilin now. And cyproheptadine, lisuride, vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate, methylene blue, aspirin, taurine, 50-100mg niacinamide, 3g thiamine, progesterone, and DHEA, and pregnenolone.

    I added the antibiotics because they are anti inflammatory and I could easily get a bacterial infection. My plan is to see how well I do, and if I don’t do well, consult with a physician and get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. But no reason to do that now as these are the antibiotics they’ve been recommending anyway for that condition, with levoquin as a substitute if those don’t work.

    I also had a few raw eggs in home made egg nog yesterday becaause Dr. Peat has said raw eggs are very antiviral and I need to eat anyway. I had that and some milk yesterday, and I wasn’t really hungry.

    I’m praying my wife doesn’t get it. I was careful about not getting too close to her for a number of days ago, and we are careful now with chlorox wipes and so forth but who knows.
  80. Also taking about 3g of taurine hopefully to prevent fibrosis.

    thinking to taking potassium iodide to thin any mucus — any thoughts?

    I have a groceries cloth bag i can put over my head that builds CO2 but is porous and safe and I slept with it on for an hour which was really good.
  81. It’s likely I’ve had it, and transmitted it to my girlfriend.

    For me, it’s been nothing but a tickly cough and some diarrhoea. For her, loss of sense of smell and various flu-like symptoms. She does tend to get hit pretty hard by these things though. I think she’ll be feeling better in a few days. I’ve had my mild symptoms for about 10 days, and they’ve almost gone now.

    interesting how the same virus can have vastly different effects on different people.
  82. Coughing lowers your CO2 to dangerously low levels. If you cough, it starts a bad downward cycle. If you don’t cough your body gets rid the mucus in your lungs through resorption. It’s very important not to cough —- stop each cough as best you can.
  83. From what I"ve heard, fever is good - when your temp lowers, could you use red lights / hot bath/ sauna to elevate?

    How about lysine? It is anti-viral. Activated Charcoal? To help keep the intestines clean.

    We're the same way with illnesses :): Don't want both of us down at the same time. We have air purifiers in almost every room (the blue light killing kinds).
  84. I like the idea of air cleaners with UV, @LucyL

    I haven’t got any lysine handy. I find activated charcoal very constipating.

    Fever is good but at 105 it’s too much. Thank God for aspirin.
  85. Now this is something, and I thought me taking 300mg of B1 per day is a large dose.
  86. I'd need to see a reference before considering this option. Cystic Fibrosis patients are the best example we have of this not being true. They would die without lung clearance. And that is exactly how people are dieing of this their lungs fill up with sticky thick mucus. That mucus needs to flow it is ridding the body of toxic material.
  87. How do you do the gelatin in hot chocolate?
  88. yes that's what people believe but it is not true. For CF, we used Buteyko which cleared his lungs and made him strong. He still needed to take digestive enzymes but nothing else. I don't ask that anyone consider this option. I no longer do private coaching. But it is an example of a dogma that is totally untrue. CF people need their CO2 levels raised, nothing else seems to make as profound an impact.
  89. the body can process a liter of mucus in a day, by the way. If conditions are right, CO2 levels high.
  90. 3g a day is a dose that over a week makes a powerful carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, raising CO2 in the body as well as acetazolamide.
  91. Interesting, any serious side effect from this dose that needs counter-supplementation?
  92. @ecstatichamster It may also be beneficial to drink some green tea (EGCG) and eat apples/onions/capers and other foods with quercetin, as they have ionophore activity that may help get zinc into the cell. Copper may do the same thing. (They are looking at that malaria drug because it opens up the zinc ion channel.)

    Here's some info:
    A good video explaining the zinc ion channel. This starts at about the 1:30 mark:

    Copper and protons directly activate the zinc-activated channel
    Copper and protons directly activate the zinc-activated channel

    Zinc ionophore activity of quercetin and epigallocatechin-gallate: from Hepa 1-6 cells to a liposome model.
    Zinc ionophore activity of quercetin and epigallocatechin-gallate: from Hepa 1-6 cells to a liposome model. - PubMed - NCBI

    I hope you start to feel better soon.
  93. They’ll start with “At risk” populations: homeless, illegal immigrants, and the elderly. They’ve already started giving the vaccine with the “Digital ID” to people in Bangaladesh and now even to homeless people in Austin TX.

    They’ll make it mandatory for kids going to school and universities, and while there the parents will most likely get it too.

    And then most other people will choose to get it voluntarily
  94. Well I could see that being the case for CF but during a flu or pneumonia you wouldn't want to form sticky mucus that just sits there. During acute illness we have mucus for a reason.
  95. The makers are immune from law suits. A nice immunity for them. Not good for us.
  96. Anybody still drink coffee when sick? How about olive lief extract, Rhodiola?
  97. I strongly dislike coffee when I'm sick. Herbal tea is all I can drink when sick.
    Whenever I get better, the desire for coffee comes back.