Post Dutasteride Syndrome


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Apr 27, 2020
Hi gents. New here. Got the condition bad for 10 months now after a year on Finasteride doing fine and then wrecked by two doses of Dutasteride in August 2019. Trying to solve it.

-Tingling and burning in legs
-Low libido
-Shrunken and numb d***
-Floaty/Dizzy feeling
-Pain and pressure in the pituitary and hypothalamus region
-Ringing Ears
-Dry skin (no oil production)
-Blurry vision
-Unregulated body temp
-Reduced Wound Healing
-High LDL
-Low HDL

Total T: 748 (47-980ng/dL)
Free T: 59.4 (24.5-113.3%)
Estradiol: 39 (11-44pg/mL)
DHEA: 332.8 (167.9-591.9ɥg/dL)
SHBG: 44 (12-78nmol/L)
Albumin: 4.6 (3.5-5.0g/dL)
Progesterone: .4 (0-.2ng/mL)
T3: .91 (.58-1.59ng/mL)
T3F: 3.73 (1.71-3.71pg/mL)
T4: 7.62 (4.87-11.72ɥg/dL)
T4F: .94 (.7-1.48ng/dL

I've had DHT tested before but it was while on TRT to try and cure this b****. T was so high, they couldn't even measure it (over 1500ng/dL). DHT was at 84ng/dL at that time. Obviously, high progesterone is causing major symptoms and 5ar type 1 is no longer operating normally converting to neurosteroids causing the backload. Benzodiazepines provide temporary relief with what I'm lacking. But high progesterone makes me feel like falling over face first into the ground and weird sensations in my skin like burning and tingling. Obviously, 5ar1 need to get going to fix this issue. Overactive thyroid has not been helping either. Any thoughts?
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Apr 27, 2020
Just got DHT results. 33ng/dL. Well within the mid range. And since Testosterone looks great too, the issue doesn't seem to be 5 alpha reductase type 2. Rather, type 1. Some of you may already know this but type 1 converts progesterone to neurosteroids. Neurosteroids = body's natural Xanax, essentially. They bind to the GABA(A) receptors in the same way as benzos and are neuroprotective. I've decided to try something as a test. I took low dose Ativan and the mental symptoms I've been experiencing pretty much subsided. Sleep was good too. I was only left with no libido (PFS related) but overall felt normal. So, this leads me to suspect that neurosteroid production is not occurring and 5ar1 could possibly be shutdown. Would also explain the high(er) progesterone, since it's not converting.

Any ideas to resume 5ar1 expression?
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