Pop-science Has Lied About Lactose Intolerance For Decades


Mar 15, 2014
Relationship of milk consumption to blood glucose rise in lactose intolerant individuals. - PubMed - NCBI
Of the 89 black elementary school children, 54% evidenced a flat lactose tolerance curve. Of these children, 58% were defined as nonmilk drinkers. The maximum blood sugar rise was 12.3 mg/100 in the 20 lactose malabsorbers who were defined as milk drinkers.

Turns out that if a population is 50% "lactose tolerant" as defined by scientists, they are actually something like 70% lactose tolerant in reality.

That means that the oft-repeated statistic of "only 35% of the world can drink milk" is outright wrong, and is closer to 50%, maybe more (I'll do the math on it later).
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