Poll: Heartburn (acid Reflux) And Blood Types

Do you often get Acid Reflux, and what is your Blood Type?

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Mar 15, 2014
Please vote if you know your blood type.

I'm curious about this because my thinking is that heartburn is due to low stomach acid. Low stomach acid = bacteria on the food is not killed quickly enough = fermentation occurs = acid reflux.

As many know, blood types are related to stomach acidity.


Feb 12, 2020
I never get heartburn, my fibrogastroscopy indicated normal amount of gastric juice in the stomach. Im type A.
baking soda test indicated low stomach acid for me but who knows if it’s accurate. I think it’s hard to get this unless you eat with poor posture, wolfing down the food without chewing and very mindlessly in terms of portion size/combining
I did get it once when they had injected me with ppi’s for a week
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