Please Help With Ideal Dose Im Abit Confused!

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    Aug 5, 2019

    I just bought:


    Using a low dose of pansterone brings me to thin my hair (3 drops per day).

    Some background: I have high prolacting, very high colesterol, borderline pathologic thyroid (TSH Over 3, not enough for doctors to recommend hormone therapy though).

    Very fast metabolismn (im very thin with good muscle tone even if i stopped working out a couple years ago)

    Im 29 yet i dont have a full beard (patchy).

    Id like to use Kuinone and Estroban freely as they are vitamins. However id like to use the lowest dose possible for the combination of Pansterone, androsterone and progestene.

    I was thinking of taking these last 3 only 15 days per month and in this way:

    1 drop of androsterone
    2 or 3 drops of Pansterone one day and progestene the other.

    All of this while supplementing all year on kuinone and estroban, 4/5 drops each?

    I am in general very sensitive to any drug/supplement and i weigh 68 kg for 177 cm

    THANK YOU for your help...