Please Give Me Feedback On Some Of These Stats!


Nov 27, 2019
So I gave blood yesterday and I got some basic stats back. Please let me know what you think!

I just recently started tracking my temperature and pulse - both with tools I got off of amazon, but I'm almost positive that the stats given are frequently inaccurate.

The pulse/oxygen saturation tracker is the "Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter" , and the oral thermometer is the "KAILEDI oral thermometer/baby thermometer with fever alarm".

The temps and bpms i get from these two products is consistently lower than the measurements I got from the nurse at the blood drive. At the drive, I got these stats:

temp: 97.8oF
pulse: 76
BP 138/78 (Is this bad? I read Ray's article on salt in order to better understand. I might need to work towards improving my vascular system, I used Rogaine for ~3 years.)
iron: 14.3 (with 13 being the minimum to give & 20 the maximum) - I know iron overload is something people watch out for, which is why I give blood regularly so I don't accumulate too much.

So yeah, my equipment frequently has my pulse at 50-65 max, temp varies wildly between 95(this can't be right) and 97.5.

So with all that being said, please let me know your thoughts (and perhaps drop some pulse / thermometer product recommendations)

Thanks in advance :)
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