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Playing Games And Energy Requirements

  1. does playing games like Chess that require mental energy increase the need for more calories from carbs?
  2. Not sure about board games, but I know for almost a fact video games requires extra calories. If I play a video game all day long it really seems to wear me down mentally.

    I have a feeling though that board games are likely safer, they aren't as hyper mentally stimulating as video games. If anything, board games are probably healthy for your brain while excessive video games just makes you dumb and brain foggy.
  3. When I spend a lot of time trying to write a computer script/code to do the boring stuff at work, I feel my blood sugar goes down and I need to drink Coke or OJ to bring it back.
  4. yes same, i studied computer programming and i felt the same way, snacks are necessary.
  5. yes, i don't play video games anymore, adding to what you said it's just a waste of time, but games like chess are good way to stimulate the mind in a healthy way and may prevent Alzheimer's disease.
  6. I've done some gaming on competitive level. WC3, DotA and DoD. It is an extremely energy demanding process. Unfamiliar people tend to think about gaming like it's a stupid time wasting for lazy folks. I almost started to think the same way under this kind of prejustice pressure after finishing my career. No, it not true, computer gaming is one of the best, possibly the best, way to train your brain.
  7. computer games are good, the single player games with stories and missions makes you think to find the solution for problems there and pass the mission, it's the addiction that's bad, and multiplayer is just for fun.
  8. I agree that the problem is addiction, much like those fitness junkies.
  9. I recall reading a study that showed that the body doesn’t use anymore energy at rest or engaging in a mental task, but I think it’s bs.

    If I’m attempting to read something beyond my level, I quickly become very hungry, as it’s no doubt a very intensive activity. The only time I can challenge myself intellectually are when I’m well fed. Any other time and I just don’t feel the energy and strength to do it. It’s almost as if the mental intensive reading is equivalent to physical sessions in the gym for me.

    No doubt the most successful can consistently train all day long. Herschel walker did 3000 push ups a day, and Aldous Huxley probably did the equivalent with pages read...
  10. Thanks for sharing.
  11. What are good snacks for this task in your experience?
  12. butter and dates are a great snack, i remember before i was preparing for exams, i felt very tired and stressed, when i ate butter with dates the energy came back very quickly.
  13. In my experience it is very energy demanding and stressful; but only if you take it seriously. I get the same symptoms after long chess game as i get from long physical work. These are a need for combinations of fat and sugar (crap food) and a need for intercourse.
  14. I disagree. Multiplayer is the most demanding process. PvP especially. I remember playing Eve online being a part of AAA fleet. It's a massive 300vs300 players battle of space fleets. There is no difference between real marine commander decision pressure vs EvE online fleet commander decision pressure. Your opinion is what I already said unfamiliar person thinks it's for fun having no idea how complex it is.
  15. i played multiplayer for about 8 years, i consider it fun because i played it with my best friend.