pigs feet


Sep 8, 2012
How many pig's feet per broth would ou guys recommend?, I have 2 of them but don't want to waste them if i can help it. Also why does Ray say not to go over 3 hours with the broth?, i have never heard of that before.


Oct 14, 2012
Not sure about quantity but in regards to the cooking time don't worry about going more than 3 hours.

Up to 24 hours is just fine and some cook as long as 48 hours. You want to ensure you get all of the nutrients out of the bone and 3 hours just doesn't cut it. I should think at least 8-10 hours is a minimum to get a reasonable amount of nutrients.

Ark who posts here cooks hers for 24-48 hours without issue. She has some great recipes on her site arkofwellness if you haven't seen them.
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