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Pico De Gallo...tomatoes & Jalapenos...


Nov 2, 2012
Are these nightshades okay as long as the seeds are removed?

I know Peat said that orange bell peppers had melatonin in them, but he seemed okay with tomatoes in other posts I've read. Although I think I saw somewhere that he warned about something in tomatoes...seratonin maybe?

I would love to enjoy pico de gallo with some grass-fed ground beef sauteed in coconut oil.

It makes a great beef bowl that's very filling and satisfying.

I could drizzle honey over too.

It would have lots of vitamin C.


Aug 9, 2012
Tomatos have serotonin. Getting rid of the seeds gets rid of approx 1/3 of it IIRC, so its worth doing.

Heirlooms are ripened on the vine, and comparatively fewer fruit per plant, if the expense doesn't deter you.