Phytoestrogen Content Of Foods Of Animal Origin: Dairy Products, Eggs, Meat, Fish, And Seafood

Nov 26, 2013
So the skim milk they tested had more than the whole milk. And the goat milk had fewest of all.


Jun 20, 2015

Phytoestrogens were detected in all foods analyzed; the average content was 20 microg/100 g of wet weight (isoflavones, 6 microg/100 g; lignans, 6 microg/100 g; equol, 3 microg/100 g; and enterolignans, 6 microg/100 g). In infant soy formula, 19 221 microg/100 g phytoestrogens were detected (compared to 59 microg/100 g in non-soy formula).

For comparison:

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