Phosphatidylserine Gives Me Weird Feeling In My Kidney (High Cortisol)


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Oct 21, 2020
I am 21 years old male, I have been suffering from sexual dysfunction, severe brain fog, muscle pain in the pack, insomnia and emotional blunting/Anhedonia for almost a year ...

these are my blood tests

high serum cortisol
Cortisol (am) = 623.8 nmol/L normal range ( 171 - 536 )
Cortisol (pm) = 562.2 nmol/L normal range ( 64 - 327 )

high Progesterone
Progesterone = 0.90 ng/ml normal range ( 0.25 - 0.54 )

lower side DHEA and Testosterones
Testosterone = 3.41 ng/ml normal range ( 2.49 - 8.36)
DHEA-S = 208.4 ug/dl normal range ( 211 - 492 )

I think Cortisol plays a huge role in my condition if not the main cause but whenever I try to lower it using phosphatidylserine I get a weird feeling in my kidneys, it makes me really uncomfortable especially when I sit,
I can't even decide if it is pain or what is it but a weird feeling I have never experienced, first time I took phosphatidylserine for one week and the feeling started on the second dose till I stopped taking it, after some months, I started again and same experience....

I am not stressed or anything I have high cortisol for no reason, I did a dexamethasone suppression test and it came out normal, so my doctor prescribed an antidepressant with antipsychotic properties that is banned from some countries and I refused to take it.

I can't tell exactly how this happened to me, I was chronically stressed one year ago, the stress was intense but I was super emotional and hypersexual, I did a blood test for HbA1c, I fainted and my head and nose hit the floor but no bleeding so I don't know how hard the falling was, I took maprotiline 10mg for its antihistamine properties so I could sleep but it didn't help, and all of the sudden I found myself with all the symptoms I said before, I don't know if it is from the fainting, maprotiline or anything ...

I did CT Scan and MRI for brain, it was normal, I tested for kidney it was normal too, so I have no idea what is going on
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