Phosphatidylserine for controling cortisol?


Jul 5, 2013
Hey guys...I am struggling to withdrawal from seems my cortisol levels go through the roof when I try to sleep since getting off. I might actually reinstate my antidepressants and taper off them more slowly because I cant handle much more of this but has Peat ever mentioned anything about Phosphatidylserine? I hear it can help to control cortisol levels when they are unstable.

I am going to see an endo doc and the end of August for further testing. Thanks


Apr 29, 2013
I tried a bottle of PS once, but observed no effects. Black tea is also said to be anti-cortisol, though the effect is probably not strong. Then there's Holy Basil.

Have you tried Benadryl/diphenhydramine to promote sleep?


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Jul 5, 2013
I am going to try benadryly. Since getting off SSRIs my adrenals/cortisol seems to be going nuts sometimes during the day, but mostly at night when laying down or when dozing off.


Jul 23, 2012
Yes benedryl or doxylamine succinate. Sugar salt protein and fat! Up the diet!


Jul 25, 2013
If you have been taking SSRI anti-depressants (like I have), then I suggest Tianeptine for a few weeks, maybe few months, depending how long you used anti-depressants.

Otherwise, yes, Benadryl should help with sleep.


Jul 24, 2013
I have a recollection that Dr. Peat mentioned the finding of phosphatidyl serine lowering cortisol in one newsletter, but do not have the reference handy.

Most of the claims of PS (phosphatidyl serine) lowering cortisol seem to relate to the finding in limited, short term studies with athletes:

Is it specifically ("measured") cortisol that is going up at night, or is adrenalin/cortisol a short hand way of saying that the stress metabolism seems like it is keeping you up?

There are numerous antidepressants, and many variations in individual response when discontinuing them. Since adequate sleep is vital, if going back to briefly taper down helps, it's worth considering, even if it's not ideal. But others have suggested possible alternative strategies.

There are many different maneuvers that will help metabolically support sleep. It depends on the situation. Sugar (esp. fructose) and salt will both tend to lower adrenalin, so can help late evening or during the night. I have sometimes used a pinch of baking soda in orange juice as an evening tonic.

Gelatin (high in glycine) late in the day is another possibility. For some, supplementary magnesium (including epsom salt baths) are helpful. For women, the Progest-E oil applied to the lips and gums at bedtime often is helpful, but that's best reserved generally when there are other clear indications for progesterone.

My personal experience is that phosphatidyl serine is somewhat soothing late night, but I have found it more an adjunct to other measures.
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