Pharma drugs for sexual dysfunction / libido

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    I wanted to post this here, since a lot of the readers on this forum seem to be coming from a background of heavy SSRI use, chronic stress, endocrine problems, etc. I don't know what book this comes from since the excerpt does not specify any titles, however the trials and studies referenced in the PDF all check out (at least on PubMed). The file contains a good review of the some of the more effective ways of treating sexual dysfunction (or problems with libido) with prescription drugs. This is not a review of Viagra and the other NO boosters, but rather a review of the drugs that work on the CNS and probably have dopaminergic effects. As such, they may be useful in a more Peatarian sense for controlling stress, depression, learned helplessness, etc.
    Feel free to check sources on your own as well, as like I mentioned above, I don't know what book this came from. The file is attached to this thread.

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