Personal Log: Journey Into Getting Healthy


Mar 24, 2019
As I'm sure many have done before me, I'm going to use this thread as a personal log to track my progress and experiments, keep myself motivated to achieve my health related goals, and potentially receive community input and feedback along the way.

Basic Stats | 5/8/2020 -
- Male
- Age: 23
- Height: 6'2" / 188cm
- Weight: 167lb / 75.7kg
- Guestimated BF%: 16%

Symptoms | 5/8/2020 -
- Hair thinning and starting to recede: Noorwood 1 - 1.5
- "Skinnyfat" physique: Very little muscle mass with excess fat on the waist, stomach, and chest. (mostly waist)
- Mild gynecomastia (more on the right side than the left)
- Low average temperature: 96 degrees (taken under the arm)
- Low resting pulse rate: 74 bpm (I noticed that my pulse rapidly increases when I inhale)
- Itchy / somewhat-flaky scalp
- Back acne
- Very mild face and body acne (sometimes on the arms and chest)
- Significant amounts of body hair. (legs, arms, chest, and stomach. Small amounts on the upper arm and across the shoulders.)
- High libido (Just recently quit consuming pornography and started NoFap)
- Waking up with congestion every morning
- Inflexibility

Bad Habits & Environmental Factors | 5/8/2020 -
- Difficulty focusing / tendency to procrastinate
- Difficulty making myself get out of bed in the morning. Normally takes 20 - 30 mins after waking up.
- Tendency to under eat
- Sitting down (next to a wireless router) most of the time when I'm not at work.
- Possible black mold in my bathroom
- Probable hard water in the shower

Goals | 5/8/2020 -
- Organize a proper diet and meal plan where I meet the recommended (via Danny Roddy's videos) daily benchmarks of: 1.3 - 2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight / 2 - 4 grams of carbohydrates per 1 gram of protein / Lower unsaturated fat intake
- Have lab work done to find out my: Total Cholesterol / TSH / Carbon Dioxide / Serum Calcium / Serum Phosphate / Prolactin / Parathyroid Hormone / Testosterone
- Clean the mold out of the bathroom
- Start a simple calisthenics program to build strength and flexibility while I get my diet in order.

I'm looking forward to finally taking some action on these issues and hopefully seeing some improvements from it. I'll post an update on where I'm at, what's changed, and what goals I've met every 3 months. Here's to our health!


Nov 22, 2017
Congrats on taking this first step. You're still very young.
You'll fix things for sure. Good luck in your journey.
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