People Losing Their Sh*t On Reddit Post Quoting Ray Peat On Avocado


Oct 1, 2019
No?! -It's sort of comical how the discussion gets very emotional fast. (Why is that, btw?)

Serotonin, estrogen, endotoxin overload. Pick one :rolleyes:

@Peater way ahead of me ;)

Just read the reddit post. The answers to the Peat quote aren't really that bad. Mostly people being interested, because of course it goes against mainstream recommendations. I've seen worse, where people call him a quack or worse. People getting aggressive in real life when I say "sugar isn't actually that bad because xyz" after they say how sugar is the root cause of all health problems.
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Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
This is why I'm wary of posting or participating in some up/down vote sites because of the bandwagon effect and etc.

Basically it creates a culture of division because everything grows in very peculiar or particular niches or such, which -- when a posting disagrees with it -- it becomes a swarm of down votes; or you become the "bad guy with the red down arrows next to you" or such when trying to branch slightly outside the main ideology of the community, even if in a nice/respectful way.

I mean you can find other pretty decent points made about Reddit toxicity overall elsewhere, but it maybe isn't solely a Reddit issue but the way the site is set up plus the people and hivemind mindsets.

You can disagree with and are open to toxic behavior or attacks anywhere, but in sites that operate with features and cultures that emphasize solely on self-praising and the need for constant point validations you get places that operate like crooked mega cults or extremism communities that hyper support each and every "in the know" or tidbit in their circle, while aggressively bombarding anything that goes outside the main, immediate stronghold/likeness of the community.

It sums up to super egotistical people that are narrow-minded and extreme forms of back patting the community while blocking out anyone not perfectly fitting or supporting them, like a "mean girls clique" or something.

I think up and down vote systems should be abolished in many cases (especially in a Reddit-like site) -- or at least advanced/changed.

Sites with only upvotes shown are better because then there is a neutral viewpoint publicly known -- and votes up just create a positive bandwagon effect. When you show up and down or especially only down, down usually becomes objectively bad and creates a spiral of attacks and berating certain views/bullying of people -- plus some sites hide or remove too lowly posted content like censoring or removing people for certain views.
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Apr 30, 2015
Reddit is going down the drain fast. They are closing all the subreddits with any kind of interesting/deviant point of view in prep for 2020 elections.
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