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Peat-inspired Documentary Film

  1. Hi everyone, as some of you may know, Jeremy​ and I have been working on a Peat-inspired documentary film. We’ve just put up a blog and Facebook page which will serve as a production journal chronicling our progress. We’ll be adding teasers, trailers, guests posts, and podcasts all leading up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. Please check out the links below:

  2. I'm really excited for this to come out.
  3. I'm excited as well. Thanks to you both for taking the initiative and look forward to the film.
  4. I'm so excited bradley! I just realized that was you and Jeremy in the picture I saw on peatarian of Dr. Peat a few months ago. Thanks for announcing the project to the forum.
  5. OMG!!! Gasp....swooning....I can HARDLY wait!!!
  6. This is great! I'm sure it made Hillman happy to have his work recognised like this.
  7. Awesome guys, respect !
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Photography on your blog looks wonderful - very exciting and good luck.
    I tried signing up but wouldn't accept my email address...
  10. YES
  11. YEEES !
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I hope its your intent to take this doco to the festivals, sundance etc. Much looking forward to this. Especially if there is some Ray Peat involved! :):
  14. But the files will misteriously disappear :tinfoilhat A movie is more powerful than a thousand research papers :cool:
  15. Wow, how wonderful it must be to be young and to know of Dr. Peat and his many mentors and friends. Congrats and best wishes!
  16. Excellent! Looking forward to it too.
  17. The Ray Peat clips are up! Very exciting! I guess they will launch a kickstarter soon - who's been reading the blog? :)
  18. I am not receiving emails!

  19. Yes it ALL look so good!

    The email function wouldn't let me sign up to begin with so maybe it's broken...
  20. bradley - On your blog you said you took ten hours of footage of Peat talking? How are you planning on selecting which parts of dialogue make it into the film? Is there any chance you could release a separate video which would be everything Peat talked about on camera? I feel with Peat even off hand comments can contain useful information or can clarify a situation.
  21. :1
  22. :1
  23. dvd bonus features? :):
  24. It's so nice to see everyone's anticipation. We're very close to launching the Kickstarter. Just getting the business and accounting stuff in order.You'll enjoy the rewards/incentives. Lots of fun stuff. And yes access to the full interviews will be offered. Most will be audio only, but there will be some uncut video segments as well.

    Such_Saturation, we still haven't sent a newsletter just yet.

    Beebop thanks for the notification about the newsletter sign-up. Not sure why it isnt working for you.

    Will keep everyone posted
  25. If I were you, I would sell it for a million dollars.
  26. Yaaaay! Lol.

    And get Ray some new dentures.
  27. I better start pawning a couple things :cool:
  28. bradley, why not invite Chris Masterjohn to an interview? I think he'd fit perfectly fine in the current group..
  29. What is going on lately?
  30. They posted some new clips and the structure back in December:
    100 Hours
  31. Seriously does anyone still believe this will ever come out? This thing is as dead as dodo.

    What is the statute of limitations for this donation-type fraud in the US? That’s the direction I’d be looking in with respect to the ‘delays’. The people squeezed out triple the target amount from the trusting kickstarter patsies. There’s only that much you can blame on incompetence.
  32. Update 21: End of Year Updates · On the Back of a Tiger

    Dear backers,

    Please take a moment to appreciate the words of Dr. Persinger above. They are one of many sentiments that keep us motivated to give you the most impactful film we can.

    We write you from Brad's place in South Florida, where we're holed up working on the edit. Currently we're tightening the focus of the story to keep the film under two hours, and working with a scriptwriter to make sure it all flows smoothly.

    At this rate we're targeting mid-2018 for release, factoring in the commercial work we both need to take in to for general survival. In more detail:

    • February: Edit complete
    • April: Animation & supplementary studio and interview shoots complete
    • May: Post-Production (color grade, titles, music, sound mix) complete
    • June-July: Film complete. Private and film festival screenings
    Thank you for your patience, and have a lovely holiday and New Year!

    Brad & Jeremy
  33. Very unconvincing. I’ll bump this thread in July.
  34. I'm willing to wait. Hopefully the extra time allows for a better production.
  35. I hear you. I've been a very open critic of this project given the many missed deadlines and promises to their supporters.

    Having said that, hopefully they can use this as a learning experience for future projects.
  36. No idea, but I would bet later rather than sooner.;)
  37. If they have 100 hours of interview footage it'd be nice to see some of it released, after all the movie is supposed to be less than 2 hours long and except for the small community here very few people will know about it and have any interest in it (I mean unless it's a real movie that is).
  38. :eyes::ear:
  39. Maybe someday...

  40. September 14 2018 trailer