Peat Food Jackpot!


Jan 10, 2013
I went on a hunt for Peat-approved fruit yesterday and what'dya know - I found fruit and a few other things at my local International Market!

I purchased:
Durian (looked sorta like a guanabana but bigger so I bought it anyway)
Sapota (canned and fresh)
Calf liver
Aged Hard Queso (made with only milk, salt and animal rennet)
Wild Alaskan Cod
Pasture raised hen eggs (the hens happily forage around eating bugs, grass and worms - or so the informational pamphlet said)

I also saw chicken feet and other kinds of critter feet (!), fish heads, tails, tongues, ears - just about any animal part you can imagine :shock:

Oh yeah, they also had oranges and milk :lol:

Pretty good haul for this newbie!


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Jan 4, 2012


Nov 3, 2012
San Antonio, Texas USA - for now
@Holly Did you smell the durian before you bought it?! :lol:

@Charlie That was great, Charlie! Thanks.
I miss singing that one!


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Jan 10, 2013
@ Rachel - No but I'm ready! Got my nosepin handy just in case. It was actually in the refrigerated section in the store and it's now in a refrigerator out in my garage so it's been quarantined :mrgreen:


Sep 9, 2013
hey, so durian is a Peat-approved food? I had no idea! used to love it in my fruitarian days... ;)


Nov 13, 2013
Sedona Arizona
mimi said:
hey, so durian is a Peat-approved food? I had no idea! used to love it in my fruitarian days... ;)

I don't think they are peat approved. It is full of fat and not the saturated kind from what I can tell.
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