"Peat Approved" Doctor In Berlin Germany?


Oct 1, 2019
Lots of family members having thyroid and menopausal problems and getting the doctors to consider Peats suggestions is a big struggle. Progesterone, thyroid and related stuff is prescription only. Sadly the german ray peat forum seems to have dissapeared from one day to the other.

Thyroid-info.com has no one listed in Germany. A recommendation would be greatly appreciated!


Dec 7, 2018
You can order thyroid and progesterone at idealabs (for example Tyronene and Progestene). It is shipped to Germany within 10 days and you don“t need any prescription. The price for Tyronene is the same as for Thybon (T3 in Germany). Progestene is more expensive (per mg progesterone) than Utrogest 0r Famenita (progesterone in Germany). Utrogest and Famenita contain 100mg (Utrogest 100) or 200mg (Utrogest 200) per capsule. It should be no problem to find a gynacologist who prescribes Utrogest. If you/your family members need less progesterone you could ask the gynacologist to prescribe Progestogel (10mg progesterone per cm gel), which is given against premenstrual breast pain. But it is more comfortable to order at IdeaLabs in my opinion.


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Oct 1, 2019
Thanks a lot for the detailed info Lotte! I will try it.
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