palmitic acid to remove PUFA's


Oct 27, 2013
Hello, this is my first post as I am still digesting all info that Ray's articles, and this website provide, and was wondering if palmitic acid helps the body remove PUFA in the body. I'm a bit confused as I read that palm oil contains palmitic acid, yet palm oil contains PUFA's so I'm not sure how this could possibly work. Unless there is a difference b/w palm oil & palm kernel oil, and palm oil was the oil that contains palmitic.

any help would be appreciated.


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Oct 27, 2013
upon further researching it turns out coconut oil contains palmitic acid. go figure. I would imagine palm oils contains it as well seeing as the names are so close, though i find no need to ingest palm since it is sure to contain PUFAs.


Feb 20, 2013
Our body makes Palmitic acid from excess carbohydrate we eat.
Even if you do not eat any oil your body will have Palmitic acid.
I do not know if Palmitic acid removes PUFA from body. But i know
that it will play a role in the ratio of Saturated fat to PUFA.
RP mentioned that the ratio of Saturated fat to PUFA is more
important than just the amount of PUFA. If you are planning on
replacing stored PUFA, try to keep your PUFA intake as low as possible
and intake within 4 grams is protective against cancer.
It takes about 4 years to completely change the fatty acid ratio
to reflect our dietary intake.
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