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Oyster Overdose, Help Please

  1. Because of the benefits of oysters (heme iron source as well as zinc and copper), I ate a lot of oysters recently. I went overboard last night and ate about 20-25 raw oysters, which I assume is way too much.
    I think I may have overdosed on some of the heavy metals. The oysters are still just sitting in my stomach and I have a metallic taste in my mouth. I wonder if this is dangerous and if there is a way to counter this. I have already tried coffee. Should this be something requiring a visit to a hospital or is there a way to detoxify now?

    I feel pretty bad. I don't think it's a bug from the oysters though--I feel like it's just the heaviness of all those metals. I'm already hypometabolic so I wasn't even that hungry when I ate them, it was mostly compulsive
  2. If its still is your stomach maybe you can vomit? And then some charcoal or magnesium supplement to make your intestines empty faster.or any other laxatives.

    Drinking milk may also help.
  3. Tetracycline also chelates minerals ad prevent absorption. Or foods with lots of phytates.
  4. i have no magnesium but could probably get some. as far as calcium, i have milk so i'll try that

    I guess i could vomit, I will try.
  5. ooh i do have doxycycline, would that help? it was for lyme stuff but I went off it a few months ago
  6. I forgot to mention fibrous food life carrot and cooked mushrooms , some fats along with them would help also.

    Yes doxycycline also may help a bit.
  7. But dont panic , i dont tnink your in real trouble, you may hurt more trying to detox it lol. Dont do harsh things.
  8. yeah i have some carrots and milk and doxycycline so I will probably just wait it out and try those if i still feel awful in a couple hours
  9. This is interesting, I noticed that oysters seem to hang out in my stomach for a really long time too ( other meats dont ). I have never eaten them raw though. I would assume if it was a really bad issue you would have puked by now. If you get the runs, that might also indicate that they are causing some kind of irritation/inflammation.
  10. yeah i know ray peat says don't do them raw but I was compromising between health and taste/aesthetic. I love raw oysters but I probably should have had like 5 instead of over 20. oh well, live and learn I guess.
  11. you’ll be fine
  12. Could be bacteria. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) would take care of it. 6 Drops in a glass of water
  13. Probably zinc - most Peat folks have activated charcoal around...
  14. It probably has nothing to do with heavy metals, and everything to do with zinc. Or possibly bacteria if they were raw.

    Drink some milk (calcium nixes zinc)
  15. I ate 20 oysters once and survived. Imagine that. You'll be fine. If they were bad you would have gotten very sick pretty soon after eating.
    Have you enjoyed and eaten slowly or gulped down 25 oysters in 2 minutes?
    A glass of good white wine helps with breaking them down in the stomach ( increases acidity) and you feel great in the process of slow eating and enyoing your oysters and wine
  16. +1 most likely
    Maybe something to support digestion - to increase stomach acid - might help a little.
    If you are unlucky enough that they are contaminated, and you do get sick from an infection, then activated charcoal would be my first step.

    Just don't eat so many next time.
    Personally, I'm cautious and generally cook them. But I can see the appeal of raw.
  17. I feel fine by now guys. It was weird feeling but not the biggest deal
  18. i'll eat less next time. I know ray doesn't like the idea of raw oysters but this is one of those compromises between health and aesthetic/taste. I can't imagine not eating raw oysters
  19. @debored13 why does Ray Peat say not to eat oysters raw? I ate 18 raw oysters today, with 750ml of orange juice. It was a good time.
  20. AIUI, Peat's concern was the risk of infectious agents. He knew someone who got quite sick from contaminated shellfish, and is cautious.

    If it worked out fine for you in the past, then that's great, and you have probably done yourself good.
    Next time you might be lucky again, or once in a while not. I think it's a matter of risk-tolerance.
  21. im eating oyster crackers
  22. Agreed. I also have only raw or deep fried with gluten oysters available where I live( when eating out), so I do eat them raw even though it would be better not to. I drink good strong wine with them to help kill the possible parasites or bacteria, and I also add a Hcl betaine tablet to be on the safe side.
  23. :hearteyes: