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Oxford Epidemiologists:COVID Suppression Strategy Is Not Viable


Feb 18, 2016
This interview is worth your time.
I notice the covid cult are not liking Unherd for doing these kind of interviews, there are labels growing they are a Russian/Chinese psyop etc ,I have no clue if it’s true or not.

Can we trust the numbers?

Also on Sweden which was supposed to fall of the earth for not taking part in authoritarian lockdowns-


Thread starter
Feb 18, 2016
Swedish deaths at euromomo, everything ok, spike is moderate compared to other countries ,keep in mind the have large elderly demographic also, no mass lockdown hysterics with jail time for non conformists ,no legislated mask wearing.

Ironically those with no experience of Sweden or the people tout the lie that they are more obedient and can follow rules better than other countries, as we know by now the covid cult don’t get irony, paradox or contradiction, if they did ,they would ask the question why Sweden went the opposite way to most of the world in relation to covid19, doesn’t seem very obedient to me, it’s sounds like perceive, think, act, everywhere else was like let’s get authoritarian.

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