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Overeating By 1,500 Calories Daily May Make You Lose Fat

  1. The study used healthy subjects and one should be careful when transferring the findings of such studies to the general population. However, it was a human study and the conclusions are well in line with Peat's opinion - caloric restriction for weight loss is bad and eating more (of the right foods) may actually have beneficial effect on body composition by making you burn off some of the extra fat you originally had. Btw, the subjects did NOT exercise and were actually quite sedentary.

    http://suppversity.blogspot.com/2014/09 ... study.html
  3. Hmm this just seems cool and strange. Dont know what to get from it tho :p
  4. See, this is why I love this forum.

    Coffee is a vitamin.
    Sugar is good.
    Eating tons will make you lose weight.
    Icecream should be eaten every day.......

  5. Well, if those people are like rocks then we are the water, dripping slowly on their thought-walls.
  6. I think this study just demonstrates the well known "carb refeed" effect, i.e. increasing your carb intake shortly to loose weight. Albeit there seems no conclusive scientific explanation I know of, almost everyone in the bodybuilding scene uses this effect to periodically cut down body fat. In my experience it DOES NOT WORK if you are on a relatively high carb diet to begin with.
  7. I personally lost the "six-pack" in around five days after going off a 40:40:20 diet. Opposite result of what you are describing.
  8. nograde is right, this is a very common approach to losing bodyfat while eating a low carb, lower calorie, diet.

    The title of this thread is misleading because the overfeeding was done for 3 days after 10 days of a "normal diet".

    The idea is to upregulate T4 to T3 conversion, through a carb refeed, which continues fat loss throughout the low calorie period.

    So overfeeding daily, by 1500 calories in the context of Peating, will probably do nothing but quickly pile on the fat.

    Such saturation, what are you talking about? That macro nutrient ratio isn't within Peat's guidelines: carb to protein ratio should be at least 2:1.
  9. I am talking about a time when I was eating differently from now.
  10. Either way, it doesn't make sense. I don't understand what point you were making that was the opposite of what nograde was saying.

    You moved away from 40:40:20 and noticed a loss of a visible six-pack. What did you move towards? And how is it the opposite of what nograde said?
  11. Unless you consider 40% a relatively high carbohydrate diet, refeeding for two days after doing that caused me to gain weight and was opposite to the described result.
  12. So you did 40:40:20 for 10 days, then did a refeed (of what?) for 2 days and gained fat.

    Those who lose fat after the refeed are usually on something like 40:40:20 (fat:protein:carb). If their carbs are at 40%, then they're often complex carbohydrates like beans and pulses.
  13. Oh yes, it was mostly of beans and rice and various greens. Refeed was anything I could get my hands on, obviously.