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Outer Third Of Eyebrow Loss - Anyone Reverse It?


Jun 12, 2013
In my early 30s, I probably overplucked my brows, but even so, it's not like I plucked the whole outer-third of the brow away. Yet that part of the right brow went away and never grew back. I didn't know this had anything to do with thyroid. Then by my mid to late 30s, the left brow in the outer part was also thinning.

Since doing RP woe and trying to stay on top of this, I think I'm seeing some results. My left brow doesn't seem to be losing more and the right brow is s-l-o-w-l-y filling in. I still have to use a brow pencil, but little by little I can see a line of hairs growing back. Id like to think I'm on the right track to getting even brows again.

I don't use thyroid - am trying to fix myself with the diet and other supps, though it's kind of a FT job, lol.

Just wondering if anyone had any success with getting full brows back.


Jan 16, 2013
I've seen hypothyroid connected to outer eyebrow loss very often. The inner third of my eyebrows have thinned quite a bit while the outer third is strong as a rock, but it's probably the same cause. I can sometimes get hairs out of them by rubbing my finger across, other days I can tug and tug and not get anything. I can correlate sleep quality with stronger brows in my own experience. Rubbing coconut oil on them seems to help a bit as well.

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