Ordering Thyroid Meds Without Prescription (Canada)


Dec 1, 2012
I can not get a Rx for thyroid meds as my TSH is not above 4. Does anyone have experience with ordering thyroid meds online without a prescription?To Canada?

I have never taken thyroid meds before and I'm considering purchasing Thiyroid - [mod]Edit to remove link. Please share links for Thiroyd via PM.[/mod]

Good idea or bad? I can't tell if it's the same one as in the rec'd supps thread as the amazon link is down.

Apologies to mods if this discussion breaks any forum rules.


May 30, 2013
I'm also interested in this. If anyone could comment it would be greatly appreciated.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Ray Peat suggests Cytomel and Cynoplus in combination. These are synthetic hormones but he likes them due to how clean the product is. You can google My Mexican Drugstore to find it. And there was also a link posted somewhere but I cannot remember where of a store that is cheaper in Mexico.

Some of us are using a natural dessicated thyroid, Thiroyd or Thyroid-S from Thailand. It's natural, but, it does have some excipients in it that Ray Peat does not like. However, that's a choice you need to make on your own if you want to go that route.

Thiroyd links are not to be posted for reasons I hope you can understand. :hattip


Feb 9, 2013
Hi, I'm bumping this thread as I'm looking for the same thing as jaa - a source for getting thyroid into Canada without a prescription. My preference is Erfa since that's what I already take from my MD (who won't give me a higher dose), then other brands of NDT, then the synthetic Mexican stuff if I have to.
If anyone can PM links that would be great. Thank you :)


New Member
Sep 21, 2014

I need to find a legitimate online pharmacy where I can order synthroid (or generic levothyroxine) . My doctor who is a psych doctor will not keep writing it for me because he wants me to see a regular doctor, because he does not feel comfortable writing the prescription, because he does not draw labs for this out of his office (or at all). Well I want to go to a medical doctor at some point for an evaluation, but I just cannot afford it at this time. So,I ordered it from one place, but it turned out that that pharmacy must be a scam, as I never got any email confirmation, and at my last look they had not charged my bank card. ( I'm going to my bank and tell them to cancel that charge) in case that 'pharmacy' decides to go through with it, but it is so strange that I have never received confirmation, or an answer to an email. I was desperate already then when I ordered it, and did not look for reviews of that pharmacy until after I ordered the medication, and now i see that all the reviews are bad.

Meanwhile I only have one 150 mcg Levothyroxine tab left! I see here there was a discussion about ordering from some pharmacies that you all apparently have used before that were ok. If someone could pm me those links, or any link that you think is legitimate where I can order this, I would be so grateful.

Thank you for any help you can provide

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