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ordering Progest-E

Discussion in 'Progesterone' started by krempy23, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. krempy23

    krempy23 Member


    I've been researching online shops that sell Progest-E progesterone oil (Peat)...and this is what I've come up with:

    This one the price is very good--$23.95 :shock:
    Looks like they are located in Ohio and accept Paypal and credit cards.
    Also they have Dr. Peat's detailed dosage recommendations near the bottom of the page as well.


    Price $32
    Located in Colorado & accepts credit cards.
    I emailed them with a question and got a detailed response from Kelly who was very helpful :)


    Price $28.25
    I've seen this one mentioned on this forum, but not sure where she is located?? She accepts credit cards.

    I hope this helps others find this product...I'm in Canada and I emailed them to see if they would ship to me and the only one I got a response from was Long Natural Health (Kelly) and so I went with them (even though the most expensive) and placed my order. She mentioned that shipping to Canadian and International destinations was not a problem and that she marks the customs package as a "cosmetic oil".

    Do you know of other online sellers of progest-e???
  2. 4peatssake

    4peatssake Member

    I have ordered successfully from here.


    They use a yahoo store. Here is their shipping info. http://store.agoodvitamin.com/info.html
    You can also contact by phone or email.
  3. krempy23

    krempy23 Member

  4. Stunning4keke

    Stunning4keke Member

    you can order directly through Kenogen which is 541-345-9855--i don't have a website. i just got some from them and i got a little discount because i am a practitioner. she gave it to me for $25.00. how is everyone liking the progest+E?

    i've been using it on a cyst on my breast and it has completely dried out my skin. where else does everyone use it? i got a little nauseated when i put it on my gums but i'm dealing with another health issue.
  5. Jenn

    Jenn Member

    I get it from electrical body. I don't buy anything else they sell.

    I use progestE on my lips like chapstick, very moisturizing, helps cracking. Success of absorption of things through the skin can vary from person to person. Nausea can be a symptom of liver overload.
  6. Dan Wich

    Dan Wich Member

  7. 4peatssake

    4peatssake Member

    Holy Smokes that's nearly $50 USD a bottle!

    At Electrical Body you can get 3 bottles plus first class international shipping for

    Subtotal: $71.85
    Shipping: $13.95
    Total: $85.80

    I just ordered 3 bottles from there and spoke to the owner, Rita. She informed me that she can't keep Progest E in stock! My 3 bottles ship on Aug. 12. Just opened my last one yesterday so with any luck I should be good til it arrives on on the 16th. I'm dosing pretty heavy right now.

    Shipping to my US address was less than $5.
  8. 4peatssake

    4peatssake Member

    I dunno Dan, she could be having a seizure with that pose!
    Maybe she just caught wind of the prices!
  9. ttramone

    ttramone Member

    Ha ha I'm pretty sure she's Magneto's sister and is lifting a submarine. Progest-e is that good.

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